Soulja Boy & JaBar

Nowadays music has been simplified with the touch of a button and the post of a YouTube video. Frankly such actions have many of you thinking that anybody can be the next Soulja Boy. The reality is that he is who he is exclusively. Be a fan or not Soulja Boy’s beat driven hits are too hard to deny. 

Thirsty for more success Soulja Boy is onto the next by propping his CEO hat tall. As he readies his next full length LP entitled The DeAndre Way, he sows a new impression into the music biz by introducing his next diamond in the rough via newly signed artist JaBar to his SOD Money Gang Imprint. With a legion of minions in tow and a co-sign from Universal towards the distribution side, this is sure to be an unstoppable force. Soulja Boy and JaBar have duly cooked up another anthem that many will find equally appealing through his first major single “Daze.” 

During a super busy day Soulja Boy and his protégé took the time to holla at to preview a sneak peak of what is coming to a city near you. JaBar so you’re actually the first artist to release a project under the SOD Money Gang so how did you first hook up with Soulja boy and SOD?

Jabar: Me and Soulja actually met a few years ago at a show in Atlanta and we’ve just been cool every since. What made JaBar worthy of being signed?

Soulja Boy: I think JaBar would have been successful even without my co-sign. However much time you put into something then that’s what you can expect to get out of it and JaBar has a good work ethic. I’m building an empire from the group up and I plan on putting out a lot of talent. JaBar has talent and he stays on his grind, I wouldn’t even waste my time otherwise. JaBar is a superstar who can hold his own. Now you had previously started a clothing line, how’s that coming along?

JaBar: The clothing line was doing really good. I started it in high school, but I decided to put it on hold right now to concentrate on my music. When is your album dropping and what can hip hop fans expect?

JaBar: It should be dropping sometime around March or in the spring. I’ve been influenced by a lot of Atlanta artist and I’m ready to do it and go to the top. Tell us about the hysteria building around the new single?

JaBar: My first single is out right now called “Dazed.” I wrote it back when we were out on the ISouljaBoyTellem tour. We have a lot of heavy radio support right now. So what type of lesson’s have you learned from witnessing Soulja Boy achieve so much in the music industry?

JaBar: I’ve learned that it takes a lot of hard work. It takes a lot just to make it to the top. We’ve been on the road together for about two years so I’ve been doing shows and events and I’m ready to get out there. Now Soulja boy you have a lot on your plate outside of the music. What else can we expect from you?

Soulja Boy: Umm Yeah I just shot two movies. Both were with Nick Cannon. One should be coming out this year and the other will start filming soon. All of my fans should enjoy it because I’m starring in it, with the other one I’m just playing myself.  It should be going down before I leave for my tour. I have a video game in the works it’s still in development. You were featured on the new Snoop Project for the song “Pronto” what was that experience like?

Soulja Boy: Working with Snoop was amazing. He’s an OG in the game and he taught me a lot. He’s one of the best who’s worked with some of the best so he really broke down the game to me. You seem to be gaining more respect at your craft how does that feel?

Soulja Boy: I had to earn my respect in the game, and I’m still having to earn it. It’s building me as an artist and as an individual. I’ve been hated on by the masses so I still have to earn mine and try to win people over. There are talks of you working with Kanye West can you elaborate on that?

Soulja Boy: Yeah I produced a few songs for Kanye’s album. Its really special for me and I think it’s going to be really amazing. We we’re in the studio in Los Angeles. I did one track that I know people are going to go crazy over. As far as Soulja Boy’s album when can fans anticipate it to drop?

Soulja Boy: I already have my single, which should drop in maybe two weeks. I’m coming back super hard, everybody is gonna be all over me. I know the Internet has been instrumental in your career what are some of your favorite websites and blogs to break your new music?

Soulja Boy: My favorite websites and blogs are well I’m really into Twitter and Youtube. Those two are the ones that I go back and forth with the most on with my fans. Of course my own website Other than that I try and break new music on all of the popular websites HotNewHipHop, AllHipHop, WorldStarHipHop, Real Talk NY, and some others. Well they say fame can corrupt a person, but it’s seems to have had the reverse effect on you so how do you stay so focused?

Soulja Boy: I stay focused by just know what I’m here for and know what I want to do with my life. My mind set is so free. I’m just able to concentrate 100% and be dedicated to what I’m working on. 

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