Cool & Dre Discuss Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’; Working On ‘Carter IV’

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated album Rebirth is finally due in stores tomorrow (February 2) after months of delays and shuffled release dates.


The album’s first single is “On Fire,” which has been enjoying regular rotation on video and radio outlets nationwide.


The track samples a portion of Amy Holland’s track “She’s On Fire,” which was originally featured in the Brian DePalma’s classic 1983 gangster flick, Scarface.


Cool & Dre discussed the album, which contains five productions from their production company Record Room Productions.


“One night I was watching Scarface and I woke up in the morning with Holland’s ‘She’s On Fire’ in my head, “ Andre “Dre” Lyon said of the track’s origins. “I called up Cool and told him that we should transform the song using the guitars in the song and work with this song with Wayne,” Dre continued. “We redid the whole beat and kept the ‘She’s on Fire’ vocal sample. We gave it to Wayne and he did what only Wayne can do and killed it with his guitar playing spitting and singing. I knew our collaboration would take this track to the level.”


The pair also produced Rebirth’s second single “Da Da Da” features a bass playing Lil Wayne, over a mash-up of Pop, Rock, R&B and Hip-Hop.


“It’s something Rick James would bug out on. It’s Cool & Dre hot,” added Marcello “Cool” Valenzano, who with partner Dre also created the tracks for “I Die,” “Paradise” and “Get A Life.”


Dre predicted that Lil Wayne’s latest album would open doors for many upcoming urban artists across the country with its diverse sounds.


“There are so many artists who create music outside of R&B and Hip-Hop that we believe Rebirth will help open avenues and create a lane for these type of artists,” Dre said. “I remember a time where Prince and The Revolution ruled the charts. I’d love to see music become diverse again. Wayne is more than just a Hip-Hop artist, he’s quickly becoming the face of a generation. We’re proud to have been given this tremendous opportunity.”


Cool & Dre are working on the new records with Yung Jeezy, Wale, Young Money, Travie of Gym Class Heroes, Bow Wow’s Cash Money Records’ debut, “Every Other” and The Game’s single “Big Money.”


Additionally, their production company has been tapped to work with Birdman and Lil Wayne’s Like Father Like Son Part 2 and The Carter 4.

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