Is Kanye Being Lynched?

We have established that Kanye West was wrong when he jumped on stage last year and snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift, a pop country singer. We’ve established firmly that Kanye is a man of raw emotions and passion and that causes him to act on impulse…with mixed results.

It has been five months since Kanye West crashed the VMA’s in September ’09. While for some, that’s not a long period of time, we have had to endure our share of laughs over it and all had our share of water cooler talk about it. The Country Music Awards devoted several monologues to Mr. West and Taylor’s boyfriend had his Saturday Night Live moment to “behead” his nemesis in December. Quite late, indeed.

Kanye West won Grammy awards last night and should have performed, but he was not invited to participate in the festivities. “The Man” is delivering a stern message to you hippity hoppity guys. Have your fun, but some things still won’t be tolerated. I can only assume that snatching the mic from Taylor was perceived as an attack.

Why else would Kanye West continue to be blackballed and cut off from events in this manner?

And the everlasting doe-like appearance of Princess Taylor helped get the lynch mob riled up to string ol’ Darth Kanye up somewhere. An AllHipHop columnist published an editorial chastising Kanye and Lil Mama for their actions that night, but isn’t it time to move on? The Hip-Hop audience is a very forgiving culture, despite all the pseudo gangsta posturing.

But, the other side is not so quick to let let bygones be bygones…even if it is for a good cause such as Haiti.

Kanye is being punished despite public apologies and the sincere admission that he never healed from the tragic death of his mother. All things considered, Kanye is one of the more positive forces in music that just has a penchant for pushing buttons and doing that which most people fear.

“Kanye is one of the good-hearted brothers in this game,” Common told MTV. “I’ve seen him do so much for so many people. I can never fix my mouth to say anything negative about him. If I see him do something that I don’t feel is right, that’s something I’ll take care of personally.”

So, last night Los Angeles hosted the annual Grammys and how ironic is it that even in absence, Kanye West is the story of the day. The show was so sanitized and orderly that Lady Gaga didn’t even stand out with her psychotic church outfit. Beyonce was cool. Pink did the same circus act from the VMAs. And the Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem rap segment was so muted, it screams of sabotage. With a few exceptions, the show was boring. Hell, the Twitter commentary was the most entertaining portion of the show.

And then Taylor Swift won album of the year over Beyonce, Lady Gaga, The Dave Matthews Band and The Black Eyed Peas.

“The Man” is good…real good. And has a wicked sense of humor.

Some things just aren’t funny after a while.

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