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LL Cool J is giving Jay-Z the serious, SERIOUS side-eye!

Mama DID say knock you out!


I have realized recently that this recession has affected me. The music industry has suffered a lot of change in the last few years. I’ve realized that a lot of the sources I used to depend on are gone, jobless or no longer care about me. Most of them are good people though. There’s really no point to this “Two Sense” other than to say…new industry people, hit me up…lmao…don’t be afraid.



Ahhhhh….I was talking to my homey Mikey T The Movie Star (you gotta love that name, right?) and he was telling me that G-Dep is now back in touch with Diddy. According to this one, G-Dep and Diddy have now gotten back in touch and they are working on music, but it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, Dep is looking into a reality show that deep dives his life as a person right now. As you know or don’t know Dep has had his struggles with the music game and drugs. Mikey’s involved in some way or another, but they are looking at VH1 and/or BET as outlets.


Somewhere in downtown Los Angeles…early, early Monday morning…Lil Wayne and Eminem linked up to work on the video for “Drop The World.” For you LA residents, this video apparently took place “downtown.” Now, my sources were on the set, but I have to admit that Eminem had left by the time they got there. But, I was told that Nicki Minaj was there, so was Drake and some other Young Money rappers. Wayne was there shooting the remainder of the video. But, the word on the set is that the video is crazy.


I know you hate when I cannot name names, but I can’t. AllHipHop has never interviewed this artist, but they want to. Anyway, he is on of the brightest talents out there, but there is a rumor about this person that could tarnish his reputation. Apparently, he’s a bit of a perv with the ladies behind the scenes and the females are fearful that one day he’ll take it to the next level. What’s is the next level…hmmmmm…I am not sure, but I don’t think it is good.JEAN GRAE GOT INTO A TWITTER BEEF!

This really is a strange one, but somehow Jean Grae got in the midst of a Twitter beef with somebody that proclaimed to be a fan. I really want to try to condense this into something that makes sense, but its pointless. It was her and some dude just going back and forth over God-knows-what. Apparently she called him a “tool” after he made some slick comment about something she said. He then goes on and on. She summed it up when she said:

“Again..if you don’t like me. Unfollow the S**T out of me! But shut the f**k up about it…or I will find you..”


UHM…Game must be pushing and promoting his new album hard. He’s popping up everywhere these days. Anyway, here is the latest fiasco. Game proposed to his baby moms over Twitter yesterday.



Tomeka, Usher’s ex-wife is not pleased at the recent Usher True Hollywood Story. Check out her comments. Apparently, Tomeka has also dismissed the notion that Usher was dating Chilli again.



Irv Gotti looking to move back into the Def Jam building as the President of Def Jam, according to a recent rumor. This definitely counters other Def Jam rumors, but I’d be pleased to see Irv back in true form

Mikey T keeps me in tune with the streets. There is a dude from Connecticut named Hollywood Fergie. The dude got shot last year by some haters. He’s down with Max B and the Wave Gang.

He also tells me that one rapper paid another rapper for protection. WHO, Mikey? LMAO!

Briscoe and Waka Flocka and their beef is heating up from what I am hearing. More on this later. An old friend is going to get me up to speed.

J. Lo has a lesbian sex tape that is bound to hit the net soon.

Tahiry has stated that she would do Playboy if the paper was right. I guess so…she is a bartender with a body like that.

Rihanna linked up with Matt Kemp shortly after the Grammys for the afterparties. They went to Drake’s bash at Guys & Dolls. Jay-Z and Beyoncé showed up too.

Tila Tequila did the world a favor and deleted her Twitter page. Thanks, hon!

Teddy Riley’s daughters have started a group called RaidR3.

They really could use dad in this department. Duh!SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END

Hey, the world is ending, I’m telling you. An 11-year-old has sex and has a baby with her 27-year-old step dad. The step dad was allegedly having sex with the damn kid since the child was SIX. Oh, yes….the world is coming to a crashing end!


I am a Christian, but this is getting too far gone. The church has attacked Jay-Z again for “Empire State of Mind.” I mean, there have to be bigger issues to be preaching to people about, right? (See above story.)


I know you did, but I want to post it again. 50 Cent says he paid $2 million on Olivia.

 READ: “IS KANYE BEING LYNCHED?”Read this editorial about Darth Kanye and if he is being treated unfairly in the music game these days. Here is this link.


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