Drag-On Talks Upcoming Album, Ruff Ryder Reunion

(AllHipHop News) Former Ruff Ryder rapper Drag-On recently inked a deal with Universal to release his upcoming album. It’s been three years since Drag-On’s last album, Hood Environment.


Now he’s ready to step back into the industry and put himself and his team back on the map.


“I got the album dropping real soon as a joint venture between Universal and my record label called Hood Environment,” Drag-On told AllHipHop.com. “I’m excited that I’m coming back and I’m also excited that a lot of other people are excited to hear that I’m coming back. That right there let’s me know I have a purpose in this industry.”


Rumors have been circulating the internet for months about a possible Ruff Ryders Reunion.


With the departure of Eve, members of The LOX working on their own solo projects, and DMX’s consistent legal troubles, their super producer Swizz Beatz moved on to other projects.


Ruff Ryder’s CEO Waah Dean has officially confirmed that the Ruff Ryder album, Ruff Ryders Evolution: Generation, is a work in progress and is almost completed.


Drag-On talked briefly about the upcoming re-union.


“We just sat at the table with all the Ruff Ryders and really got it poppin. I’m really looking forward to it,” Drag-On stated.


The album will include features by Eve, The LOX, DMX, Drag-On, and a host of new members of the Ruff Ryder camp.


Drag-On’s yet-to-be title album is scheduled for release in June 2010.


The Ruff Ryders LP is scheduled for release in July of 2010.

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