Hip-Hop Rumors: More Plies & Trick! Danger Outta Mental Hospital! Fantasia To Jail?


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Well, I heard that wasn’t too, too big a deal. I heard it was simple. Apparently, Trick Daddy went over to Plies to give him a handshake and one of Plies’ bodyguards shoved Trick back. After that, a huge argument reportedly ensued, but nobody actually got into a fight – my sources say. Now, being that Trick Daddy is one of the kings in Florida, I personally can’t say I visualize him going up the Plies like that, but I trust my sources. We’ll see what else comes out of it.DANGER GETS OUT TODAY

Here is the latest on Danger. She is reportedly getting out of the mental facility today. You all know that she was taken in by the cops after she tried to burn her own house down. She was supposedly given all the tests for being mentally incapable of living among us and passed. Sooooo…she gets released. But what about the fact that she tried setting her own place on fired? They are saying it was all an accident and that was proven. So, whats the need for the psyche test in the first place? Questions, questions, questions!



I thought this was old, but people are still reporting on it. Kanye refutes the rumors that he threw a tantrum on a plane. I never reported on it in the first place.

”I feel bad that people believe this kind of stuff or any random rumor that is taken as fact because ‘it’s on the internet.’ This rumor is particularly ironic because I was actually happy with a business class seat and was offered a seat in first class. A friend of mine was sitting in coach so asked if they could bump him up to business instead of putting me in first. There was absolutely no altercation in any way.  There’s been many a time where I’ve given someone in coach my business or first class seat in order to sit next to a friend I bumped into. I really could care less about where I sit on the plane. It’s hard to deal with the rumors sometimes. As a good person with a warm heart, it does bother me. I’m not bigger than feeling pain, embarrassment, stress and worry. Have you ever been lied on??? How does it make you feel??? You wanna tell everybody it’s not true right? Thank you to all my fans who still love and support me even though it’s not the trend right now! I’m sleeping in the studio and I won’t let you guys down!”


I thought I would take a moment to comment on Lil Wayne going to jail.


My comment?


Damn shame.



 I didn’t really hear that ‘Tasia is going to jail, but I heard something similar. One of my favorite sources told me that Fantasia is running a serious risk of getting sued by a fairly obsure law called the “Jump Off Law.” I know it can’t be called the “Jump Off Law” in the legal system, but here is a rundown of it.

Married women in North Carolina can sue their husband’s mistress and receive money if the other woman is proven guilty of being a co-conspirator in the act.  Fantasia’s about to get sued.  They passed the law a few years ago when this lady was found to be stressed emotionally because her husband was cheating with this other woman.

 Now, any Legal Eagles are welcome to tell me if this is real or not. But, ‘Tasia has COOK tatted on her shoulder region and COOK is a married man! OH BOY and SMH at the same time.



You know this stuff gets people talking. Beyonce falls. People talk.








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Tiger Woods has reportedly left sex rehab. Nice, Tiger….

 Usher left his momeger and came back. Now, his mother Jonetta Patton has quite again, because she reportedly does agree with his new gal Grace Miguel. What about Chilli?

In more Usher yap, his new CD has been delayed.

Beyonce and Alicia Keys are all set to do a video for “Put It In A Love Song” tomorrow in Rio De Janeiro. Swizz Beatz will reportedly direct the video.

Did Key Key Cole have that baby?





I saw some people dissing Rihanna and  her Super Bowl get up, but I think her new suit is rather snazzy. J



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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