Black History Month Fashion Tribute: George Clinton

George Clinton‘s goal with each outfit choice is seemingly to be as innovative, colorful, larger than life, and of course as funky as can be. With his multicolored wild locks still in tact at the age of 69, George never left his P-Funk style behind since he first broke out in the 70s, where he was the main act in the groups Parliment and Funkadelic. In 1981, he began his solo career, quickly becoming known as one of the pioneers of funk music, among the likes of James Brown and Sly Stone.

Unfortunately, his music career was not the prosperous ride that you would expect for an acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer and band leader. Due to shady contracts with record companies and mismanagement, George was ripped off from much of the financial gain he should have received for his work throughout the years. This resulted in the star suffering severe financial problems, and when his mother passed this past December, it was reported that he was having trouble affording funeral expenses. Throughout his career, George has collaborated with the likes of Tupac, Outkast, Prince, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more, and continues to inspire artists of today like Snoop Dogg and MIA. Currently touring and working on an album with Sly Stone, George keeps going on – as does his wacky style.

“I remember watching a Funkadelic Live video aged 10 and wondering why the rest of the world didn’t dress in glittery hot pants, white big pimpin’ floor-length fur coats, sunglasses and fur hats, let alone carry space guns and novelty-shaped guitars. Clinton’s Mothership Connection spaceship beamed down to earth to wow us not just with music, but with an out-of-this-world dress sense too”. – Lauren Cochrane, Guardian UK


You can still spot Mr. Clinton with his signature hair, large shades, and eccentric gear. Just check out the latest video of the funk master at the 2010 Grammy Awards:

Sadly, it was just reported yesterday that George Clinton’s son, George Clinton Jr., was found dead at the age of 50 from liver failure. Our thoughts go out to George Clinton and his family. Source: Guardian UK

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