Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Floyd Vs. Ross Really Over? Baby Disses R. Kelly! Coco’s Booty=Haitian Relief?



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I hope everybody had a good weekend with the Valentine’s Day with the cherry on top. Me, I just sat in the house and watched TV. But its all good. If you got any rumors from Dallas, hit me with the email…. allhiphoprumors@gmail.com


You know the internets were going crazy last week, right before the Valentine’s Day holiday…Rick Ross had squashed their beef! Hallelujah! But, I am hearing something a bit different. I am hearing they mostly agreed not to fight or kill each other. 50 Cent won’t soon think is pal Floyd is now befriending his enemy. From what I’ve heard Floyd has expressed a certain disdain towards Ross, feeling that the Teflon Don is using the beef for publicity purposes. Who know? Seems slightly contradictory though – if its even true.


There were some rumors online that John Mayer had a supporter in Holly Robinson Pete, but that’s not true.

Shanell has denied rumors that she is preggers with Lil Wayne’s new baby.

A naked picture of Snooki has been leaked to the internet. Nothing too crazy, but it seems old. Snooki is pretty thin in the picture.

Tiger Woods and wifey Elin weren’t all snuggles on V-Day. They weren’t together, according to reports. A porn star also says that Tiger got her preggers two times.

Evander’s wife opted to go to marital counseling instead of sending him to jail and divorcing him.

Did Wale depart or get dropped from Interscope?

Jon B – the original Robin Thicke – has signed a new deal with a major, I am hearing.

People are killin’ the “We Are The World” 2010 version. Autotune should never been an epic song like that.


Nadja Benaissa, a German singer, is now facing about 10 years in jail, because she slept with men after finding out she had the HIV. At first she was going to escape prosecution, but one of her ex’s tested positive for the virus and they to drop the hammer on her. Initially, when this story broke, the high court was cool with letting her slide a lil bit…nevermind the fact that she could go and sex more people! She’s now looking at a 10 year stretch. I think she should be allowed out of jail until she “dries up.”



If you’re part of my Facebook/Twitter family you know I wasn’t happy with “We Are The World” at all.  When Wayne started “singing” it was over but when LL started “rapping” it was DEAD.  Doesn’t look like Jay was digging it much either.  Hov, who declined to be a part of the record said the song is like Thriller and should never be touched.

NO LOVE FOR KELLZBaby is one of the best businessmen in Hip-Hop and ever since he brought Cash Money to Universal with an unprecedented $30 million dollar distribution deal his money tree hasn’t stopped growing.  However he isn’t immune to bad investments and claims working with R Kelly was his worst move to date.  When asked about their Best Of Both Worlds 2 project that, never materialized after Kellz re-upped with Jay-Z, Baby says:

“That was a waste of my time. I could’ve made money if I wasn’t fu**in’ with that clown-ass ni**a.”

NEW COUPLE???Nahhhhh…not this time.  This is a still from Monica’s new video “Everything To Me” featuring Ocho Cinco.

Check out Ocho getting a little groupie when Lil Wayne calls him:

I’M JUST SAYIN’Magic Johnson is looking to buy Ebony Magazine…get that mula, Magic.Did you know Lil Wayne hasn’t used syrup in almost a year???  So he claims…but if it’s true *cheers* to him.

Drake’s Sprite commercial grossed me out.It went down after a Beyonce show in Brazil last week when some young locals had a shoot-out after the show.  Don’t know if anyone got hurt.

Rihanna will be starring in her first feature film “About Face” … granted she can actually learn how to act.  (Seriously they’re making her take acting classes)Money Mayweather flipped on a bouncer at Diddy’s party this weekend because they wouldn’t let him in with his 20+ entourage.

LMAO at Ushers outfit for his All-Star performance … Fabolous says he looks like a “gay urban batman”:

HAITIAN RELIEFIce-T’s in-house snow bunny, CoCo, took some time out to show Haiti some love … after all they’ve been through this is a nice show of support.  Peep how she turned the cell-phone into a logo.


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