Hip-Hop Rumors: Gaga’s Art Crazy! Scenes From Roger That and more rumors…



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whispered in our ear. Read on.CHANCE ENCOUNTERSHere are some good old rumors from Chance…DIVERSIFY YO BONDS NI**A

While Akon is able to retire off Lady GaGa’s success apparently she doesn’t even have a home.  Apparently she’s so focused on her art that she reinvests all of her money into her stage show and making music.  Hopefully all them funny outfits have a high resale value.  GaGa says:

“I don’t own a house, I don’t spend money on those things.  I live out of a suitcase and I make music and art and I spend every dollar that I make on stage – that’s it.”

She may want to consider hiring these guys to look after her cash.


Congratulations to Kid Cudi for being named the most stylish person in New York by Time Out New York Magazine.  Cudi says his style is really simple just like a cartoon characters because his personality is his best accessory (which is why he wears the same jeans everyday).  Do you think Time Out is on point??


After six-figure fines for cursing referees out and posing naked it looks like Serena Williams is trying to make a little extra cash:

I KID I KID … She’s still good.  But Serena has recently enrolled in a 240-hour program to become a certified nail technician.  She says it’s in preparation to release a new nail line with HairTech.


In preparation for his 8 month bid Lil Wayne shot 9 music videos in 2 days a few weeks ago.  Here are some screenshots from the “Roger That” portion of that epic shoot.  Now that he’s been given a little extra time on the outside maybe he’ll shoot some more.


…all the Jersey Shore fans know what I mean.  Apparently Bow Wow and his ex-squeeze, Angela Simmons, were at the same club over the weekend and Bow was stuck to her like white on rice.  Word is he’s been talking about her a lot recently and really wants to get back with her.  Here’s where the robbery comes in.  She is rumored to be engaged to her current beau Skillz from Play-N-Skillz.

No word on whether she was receptive to her advances but sources say Vanessa flipped Mr. Wow the bird when he approached the younger Simmons.


If you didn’t already know Turk has been home for a few weeks now.  Now that everybody is free (for the time being) can we get something from the Hot Boyz???

Shouts to Currency and Smoke Dza for putting me on to weed brownies…OMG!!!! 

Diddy says to get the Italian cut and stop rockin them funny a** Steve Harvey cut suits … or something like that.

Beyonce’s people have said rumors of a shoot-out after her concert in Brasil are false … cleared up.


Beyonce’s daddy was ordered to pay his mistress $8,200 a month in child support, even though he doesn’t even take the DNA test until March 1.  How does that work out?



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