Devin The Dude Honors Pot Smokers With ‘Suite 420’

(AllHipHop News) Devin The Dude has announced he will release a new album titled Suite 420 on on April 20th.

The date is an internationally recognized date that pot smokers light up, to celebrate their love for marijuana.

“It’s already rolled up, we just gotta put some fire on it,” Devin the Dude said. “You’re going to enjoy it. Sit back, roll up something, fire it up and check it out.”

Suite 420 features appearances by The Odd Squad, Smit D, 14K, Tony Mac, Ced-B, Kory-B,

School-Boy and Alpha-Bet-D.

Production by Mirawge & Big Baby, Mike Dean, Rob Quest, Luster Baker, C-Ray, Q-Stone, Reggie Coby, and Devin The Dude himself rounds out the album.

The first single from Suite 420 is titled “What I Be On,” which will be released shortly. Suite 420 is Devin The Dude’s sixth solo album to date and his first release since 2008’s Landing Gear.

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