ChartWatch: DJ Khaled Drops, Go Buy Some Gangstarr! Sade’s Still Selling!

AllHipHop ChartWatch for March 03, 2010


Sometimes you gotta dig deep, when problems come nearDon’t fear things get severe for everybody

everywhereWhy do bad things happen, to good people?Seems that life is just a constant war between

good and evil


Guru (Moment of Truth)

We’re starting off this week

with a verse from Guru who is currently recovering from a massive heart attack

but is expected to make a full recovery. 

He is, of course, one half of the duo Gang Starr and if you haven’t had

a chance to listen to anything by the group then do yourself a favor and find

an album.  The Boston MC along with his

Houston, TX born partner, DJ Premier, helped to define the New York Hip Hop

sound.  Plus, Guru is the musical force

behind the popular Jazzmatazz series

which fused rap with jazz.  Our thoughts

and prayers still go out to Guru and his loved ones along with the hope that he

makes a speedy recover.

Now, first up this week is an

artist that s familiar with the number one spot.  Since its debut in early February Sade’s Soldier of Love has held the top

position.  This week is no different as

the Nigerian songstress racks up another 127,000 copies of her latest offering.

She is followed by The Black

Eyed Peas which are the first Hip Hop representative on the charts this

week.  The E.N.D dips a little resting at number four on the charts but

still manages to move 49,000 copies.

The next artist also drops from

five to six on the charts but I’m sure he’s not complaining.  Lil Wayne’s “rock” album, Rebirth, moves another 37,000 copies

this week.  That along with the news that

his jail sentence is being delayed (again) should keep the New Orleans MC in

good spirits.  Actually, if you want some

insight into the eccentric mind of Wayne then check out his Twitter page where

Dr. Carter doles out infinite wisdom like “I

don’t have a.d.d…I have ESPN” and “iz it betta 2 b believed r believed in? wen

ive ben told im unbelievable.but it takes more effort 2 believe than 2

kill;dont kill yo beliefs.”  I’m

almost sure a cup of “something” was involved in tweeting that last one.

She raps and we don’t discriminate here at so

the next artist up is Ke$ha (everytime I read her name I see an out-of-touch

record exec saying “Put a dollar sign where the “S” would go.  Yeah…the kids love tha bling bling scrilla).  Her debut album, Animal, jumps from fourteen to seven and sells another 32,000

copies.  Really, I only put her in this

week because she has a great video of her on Youtube performing/butchering one

of my favorite Radiohead songs at a talent show in middle school.  Just type in “Ke$ha Talent” (look at

that…those two words can be in the same sentence) and prepare to be

astounded.  I know some of you may say

“hey, what the hell were you doing in middle school!?!? Why hate on

her?!?!”  It’s because by the time I got

to middle school I knew I couldn’t sing (or rap…or act…or dance…the list goes

on) so I decided to put my efforts elsewhere. 

Well apparently, no one told Ke$ha which is good for her bank account (read

RCA’s bank account…you know she ain’t getting paid) but bad for our

ears.  If you get a chance, show the

video to anybody in your life that has absolutely no musical talent and tell

them to keep plucking away because if Ke$ha can make it…

Finally, we drop all the way down to the thirty eight spot

which is currently being held by Jay-Z’s The

Blueprint 3.  The album takes a

little hit in sales this week but the Marcy MC still manages to sell 13,000

copies of his latest.

Last week someone asked about Freeway’s The Stimulus Package and Gill Scott-Heron’s I’m New Here.  Why weren’t

they on the charts?  Well, we usually do

the top 50 but someone did point out that we charted Triple C’s brick of an

album so I guess letting you know about Freeway and Gill is fair.  While both albums were well received critically,

Freeway’s The Stimulus Package

entered the charts at number 63 selling 9000. 

Scott-Heron’s I’m New Here did

not fare as well entering the charts at 181 and selling 3,700 copies.  I can assure you things didn’t get better

sales wise for them this week so let’s move on to “Dropping.”



This Week


            Quick question…How do you pronounce

DJ Khaled’s name.  Is it supposed to lead

off with the “H” sound like I have always heard Khaled pronounced or does he

just lead off with the strong “C” because he knows his fans won’t pronounce it

correctly?  Just a thought.  However you say it, the Florida

representative is dropping another album this week.  Prepare to finally have your question of “who

is the best?” answered as loud as a person can possibly respond.  This is a DJ album which means the more

popular the DJ the more featured artists. 

I’ll let you decide DJ Khaled’s place in the industry as his latest

album, Victory, features Diddy, Busta

Rhymes, T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Plies, Schife (I’m

guessing he must know Khaled), Usher, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nas, John Legend, Jim

Jones, Birdman, Bun B, Soulja Boy, Buju Banton, (ok this is a little bit of an

overkill, don’t you think?) Bounty Killer, Rum (another friend of Khaled?), Nelly

(you’re still making music?!), Lil Boosie, Ace Hood, Kevin “KC” Cossum

(friend), BallGreezy (friend with cool name, no homo), Desloc (friend), Piccalo

(friend…from “A Different World”?

Look it up.), Ice “Billion” Berg (friend with lots of ice), Bali (friend),

Gunplay, Rum, Young Cash (last three friends appear to be at the end of the

creative nickname line), Pitbull and, finally, Jarvis (friend at the very end

of the creative nickname line.  They must

have run out).  If you like posse cuts

like “Fed Up” then this is the album for you. 

Khaled…who is the best?


really all that’s worth mentioning this week.  

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