Hip-Hop Rumors: DMX On Celeb Rehab? Wyclef Gets Busted?



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I love it. I hate it. DMX is a confirmed crack cocaine addict. Do you remember when Jay-Z and DMX were neck-in-neck years ago as the best in the game? I’m talking when DMX was selling two albums platinum in the same year? Well, those days are gone and the strong dog we once knew is reduced to a headline. But, what I find interesting is that DMX is now an addict, but his lawyer is looking to get him on “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew. I guess the lawyer is like, we may as well get some publicity in this mix while this dude is getting high. I think these guys need to get DMX help, in private and away from the bright lights. Stop leeching.


Before I go into this terrible rumor, I have to say…I truly believe Wyclef messed with the right ones. He went and raised all that money for his people in Haiti. When he did that, he messed with somebody’s money and somebody’s power. Ever since, there has been scandal and scandal. Here is the latest one. They are saying that he paid his “assistant” $105,000 in salary in 2008, which was three times more than a man directing the programs. The inference is that this woman is his mistress and he was taking GOOD care of her. Now, they are saying ‘Clef and wife have one of those “open” relationships so, who knows about that part of it. Still, Clef is under fire AGAIN for misusing money that was supposed to go to the people of Haiti. I’m still down with Clef, but he must speak on this.


There is a rumor that Lebron James is on that “juice.” It turns out there is a minor league ballplayer down there that has the last name Lebron.

They are calling Taye Diggs, Gaye Diggs for his rumored penchant for men. OK, let me stop…I made that name up.

Anybody got a mailing address for Lil Wayne? I want to write dude. Send him a kite!

CoCo denies the C-section rumors.


Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan is dead. She was a mere 3-years-old. Want to know why she isn’t among he land of the living? Her stepfather is an idiot that should be destroyed. Cheyenne was at their home in Tennessee and thought his gun was a toy for their Wii. The Wii has a gun extension that looks just like a real gun. He left the loaded weapon right on the living room table and she shot herself in the stomach. They tried to get her to the hospital, but she was dead that night. The mother is a dummy too. She was with the child at the time of the incident and she was on her dumb computer with the gun close by. Anyway, their reasoning for it being out was because they thought they heard a burglar earlier and had it ready to blast. Instead they lost their kid. Nintendo isn’t off the hook. Look at the similarities.

The fake is the one on the bottom. Thanks Sam.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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