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LMAO! Detox is definitely the Loch Ness of Rap Albums. That thing seems to pop up every month or so, but nobody really gets a good listen or any listen at all. Dre may as well ride this out for the next 10 years and never drop it. Anyway, the latest dust-up over Detox is that Jay-Z will be on it. There isn’t much more to be said about it. But this basically reinforces that there is nothing and everything on Detox at this time.


There is a rumor that Nas’ ex-wife is now dating Wale! AHA! But this isn’t the Wale you think it is. This is Wale Ogunyele, an NFL player. Before Kelis, Wale was dating Sanaa. Nas needs to make that move to even the score a bit.

Anyway, here is what Honey Magazine is reporting.

“Has Kelis found a new boo? It looks like it! Our Honeybees are buzzing that the former Mrs. Jones is bunned up with Chicago Bears footballer, Wale Ogunleye. According to our sources, the romance has been hot and heavy for almost two months – at least. The duo were spotted as far back as Super Bowl weekend, when they were seen stepping out of a Miami movie theater together hand in hand. Just this past weekend, they were seen at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, also in Miami. Ogunleye was in attendance as Kelis performed cuts from her upcoming album at the Belvedere Music Lounge.

Later that night sources spotted them canoodling in VIP at Club LIV. Kelis is not the first celeb Ogunleye has tackled off the field. The baller was in a four-year relationship with actress Sanaa Lathan. They ended things last year. For now, his new romance with Kelis is being kept quiet right now, but look for the two to debut their romance shortly. Was this why the pop-star sounded to nonchalant about her divorce in her recent interview with Honey.”


People want to see the goods on Badu! Apparently, the imagination is not good enough for people. They are presently looking to see more of Miss Badu. On of the most feverish searches on the internet now is “Erykah Badu Uncut” or “Eyrkah Badu Nude.” Sadly, there is no such video in existence right now. Hopefully, there is some b-roll. And the “B” stands for booty.


WOW. I didn’t even pass judgment on Mike Jones, but some folks are a bit uptight over it. I’m sorry, but the pic looked wild to me!

What’s up Ill Seed

My name is Gwyn Cook with J&G entertainment. I am the one who put the Mike Jones concert together in Mankto, MN at Minnesota State University, Mankato.. I noticed today on allhiphop.com that Mike’s photo was posted ‘WHATS UP WITH MIKE JONES?” “Something is wrong with this picture. Help me out.” I am curious to know what this is leading up to?

The show with Mike Jones was a huge success, and he gave an excellent performance. I am recntly in the business of doing shows and am in the process of putting a show together for sometime in May. Mike Jones, is one of the two artist I will be asking to come back to perform again, but in a different location. I am in the process of trying to book female rap/artist Trina as well.

I am not sure if anyone is trying to slander Mike in any way, but I would like the world to know that he is an excellent artist,a gentleman, and performed amazingly for his fans here in Mankato.

Thank you for your time….

Gwynder Cook


Kids doing a SCARFACE Play? WHOA!!!!!!! I’m speechless!


Alfamega has a new T.I. diss track. At this point, I would really like to see the big homey move on.

LOL! Like I said before you would not believe the rumors I get. Somebody tells me that Nicki Minaj has a twin sis in adult film.



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