Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj’s New Beef! J.Cole Responds To Jae Millz! Pray 4 Kat Stacks?


The homey Chance is going off in the rumors today.


So there’s a guy by the name of Lord Superb and it’s been rumored he did a little ghostwriting for Ghostface Killah. Well apparently he had a falling out with the Wu and decided to spill a few details about the “work” he’s done. But things didn’t work out the way he’s like. LET THIS BE A LESSON for you glass house residents throwing stones. Shyheim has decided to expose Lord Superb as a child molester (a la Haystak): (click here to see his alleged criminal record)

Lord Superb Exposes Ghostface Raekwon (Interview Preview 1)

Shyheim speaks:

Shyheim Responds To Lord Superb Ghost Writing Allegations And Exposes Him As A Liar And Child Molester


But it’s not Wayne’s seed. The baby she’s giving birth to is her new mixtape “Shut Up and Listen”. Guess she’s just playing with the pregnancy rumors. Speaking of babies check out how the Cash Money boss celebrated his birth the other day.


The other day I was going in on Kat Stacks via Twitter and Lil Mo hit me telling me to ease up and instead “pray for her”.  I don’t really feel bad for her now (she DID start any backlash that comes her way) but things aren’t going so well.  Aside from her address being posted, her Twitter has been suspended, she had to cancel some radio interviews in NY recently (Lip Service with Angela Yee etc) because she feared for her safety, and someone Child Protective Services are now investigating weather she is an unfit mother.  KARMA IS REAL PEOPLE!!!

Here she is after being arrested last year:


The good guys over at “Its The Real” present their argument for some Jay-Z/Beyonce offspring. Maybe whoever is holding that up will reconsider after this:


Nipsey Hussle responded to Jae Millz attack on the XXL Freshmen 10 and now J Cole has addressed his comments. He also says he doesn’t know who Vado is. I guess outside of NY he’s not that big yet.

Meanwhile, Millz was supposed to make a surprise performance at the XXL show last night during Cam’ron and Vado’s set but he was arrested and detained for 2 hours in Jersey for driving without a license. The arresting officers even cracked a few jokes asking if he was famous, if he was Juelz Santana and if his jewelry, LV bag and belt were real.


…or at least doesn’t know the words to the National Anthem. If you didn’t see the game last night…Keri slipped up while singing the Star-Spangled Banner and almost skipped over part. She did correct herself but you can hear the boos and gasp start to build. SMH at whoever was booing at that pretty girl!!!

Here’s her response:TRINA GETS KTFODid Khia and Trina cross paths???

Lol nahhhhhh … This is just a look from an alter ego photoshoot with Derek Blanks.

NICKI’S NEW BEEFSpeaking of Khia, she turned to her Twitter to send a few shots at Nicki Minaj.  She seems to feel Nicki is a character and she wants a little more realism.  Here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t know what Nicki is, if Lil Wayne likes her, I like her. I mean, she’s an actor, she majored in drama, right? I think she’s just an actor I guess. She’s acting, like, she’s always in character. I don’t know if

it’s really her. Everybody knows it’s me, it’s Khia. I don’t know if

she’s Nick, I don’t know if she’s a Barbie. I tell everybody, we don’t

have Barbies in the hood. Boos, there wasn’t no Barbies sitting on the

stoop, love who you are. Hip-Hop is supposed to be real, hip-hop is

supposed to be where the real people hang and I think it’s a lot of

infiltrators coming in…”Side note: I’m happy Nicki is turning more women into barbies cause that hood-rat, AG, I’m one of the guys look…NOT sexy.  What’s that Chance???  Baby these heels.LOVE 2.0

Fantasia made headlines when she started dating Antwaun Cook, a married man earlier this year but now Antwauns wife (or ex idk yet) has someone pursuing her.  This dude saw her at a party and turned to Craigslist in an attempt to win her heart.  I guess one mans trash is another mans treasure.  What I’m wondering is why didn’t he bag at the party???

I’M JUST SAYINA lot of people don’t like the Drake and Nicki XXL cover … Personally I think it looks like an issue of Jet.

Drake finished the last song for “Thank Me Later” yesterday morning!!!Don’t take any wooden nickles.  It’s April Fools.If you didn’t hear insiders at Vogue say “Precious” won’t be getting a cover because she’s “too fat”…someone was quoted as saying “that wasn’t a dress she wore to the Oscars it was a tent.”  SMH it is what it is.

I thought the promo for Rated R was over…not just yet…Photographs is the next single with a May 24 impact date.Kim K has moved out of Reggie’s house…she’s moving into her own Beverly Hills Mansion in April.

Happy belated to Shia Douglas (middle) Ashanti’s sister.  She just turned 21 and if you didn’t know I think she’s gorgeous:

NICE!!!Nicki Minaj stopped by 106 & Park yesterday to introduce the video for her first official single “Massive Attack”.

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