Floyd Mayweather Jr. Could Lose $600k In Dispute Over Rapper Freck Billionaire

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been hit with a lawsuit over Philadelphia rapper Freck Billionaire. Just for You Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Mayweather, claiming the boxer stole Freck Billionaire and signed him to Philthy Rich Records, the label Mayweather heads up. Freck Billionaire was originally signed to Mayweather’s imprint in 2008, but the relationship quickly deteriorated Within a year, Freck and Mayweather were at odds, after Mayweather accused the rapper of entering into an agreement, with knowledge that he was signed to another company.  “We were working with an artist named Freck Billionaire,” Mayweather told AllHipHop.com in 2009. “When he came aboard we asked if he had any contracts and he said no. Come to find out he was signed with somebody. The guy was trying to sue us and Freck stole one of our watches and left. So we’ve been looking for Freck Billionaire but he’s been ducking and dodging us. He stole a diamond watch and left.”Mayweather was originally served with the lawsuit in November of 2009, so Just for You is claiming that since Mayweather never formally responded, they are owed a default judgment in the case. Just for You Entertainment is seeking over $600,000. Freck Billionaire denied the accusations levied at him in a previous interview with AllHipHop.com. “Since you really at the bottom of your heart don’t wanna see anyone around you with anything, I’ll send a courier to you with my watch. Maybe you can use it to lure in your next victim,” Freck told AllHipHop.com.Freck stated that the watch was actually a gift, given as a signing bonus  by Mayweather.

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