T.I. To Release New ‘Aggressive Album’ August 24th

(AllHipHop News) Rapper T.I. has revealed that August 24th is the official release date for his new untitled album, his first since 2008’s hit, Paper Trail.T.I. was sentenced to a year in prison last May, for attempting to purchase machine guns and silencers in October of 2007. He is currently finishing the terms of his sentence.  Last week, he was officially released from a half-way house to house arrest,  with a curfew. The rapper released a statement via his official website TrapMuzik.com last night (April 1) and talked about his time behind bars and the direction his new album is taking. “I’m happy to be home. I feel better than I’ve ever felt,” T.I. said. [I] learned a lot, grew a lot. And now, I think it’s time to put all of that to good use.”T.I. said he didn’t do much writing while he served his time a low-security prison facility located in Forrest Arkansas. He cited lack creativity as the mean reason for not producing material while locked up. “I didn’t get a lot of time to. It was a lot of activity around me so, I wasn’t really motivated to create,” T.I. stated. Earlier this month, T.I. debuted a new song titled “I’m Back,” the first single from his untitled “come back” album. The track showcases the new direction T.I. will take with his untitled album. “This album is different in many  ways, I think that Paper Trail was a lot more about arts and this is more about feelings,” T.I. said. “This is significantly more aggressive, at least in this period of the production of it. Who knows I could do ten love songs tomorrow and change the direction. As of right now it’s going hard, classic T.I.”

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