The Top 10 Skinny Jean Culprits in Hip Hop

Ah, the skinny jean. In the 20th century, it began with punk rockers. Then skaters, rocks bands like The Strokes, and women embraced this cut. Finally, the hipsters caught on, rocking their dirty skinnies with equally dirty white canvas kicks and vintage tees. The HipsterSoon after developed the “hopsters.” Very similar to the hipster in style, hopsters are more influenced by hip hop than rock, and are generally more colorful with their gear. The HopsterAs menswear naturally became more tailored in recent years, the skinny jean crept its way into the wardrobe of your average Joe and your hip-hop head. Some rappers, like Jay-Z, have stayed true to their baggy jeans (although we have noticed his denim slim down a little), while others have jumped aboard the skinny train. We have broken down the top 10 skinny-jean-wearing culprits in hip-hop today—check them out and share your thoughts in the comments section! 10. Trey Songz  9. Usher 8. Ne-Yo  7. Chris Brown  6. Kanye West  5. Pharrell  4. Bow Wow  3. Lil Wayne  2. Kid Cudi  1. New Boyz 

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