Hip-Hop Rumors: Olivia Gets Testy With Drake! Young Buck Rumors Are False!



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


People saw this video and thought T-Pain was down with Republican bigmouth Sean Hannity.

T-Pain Statement:

“T-Pain was on the final leg of a national radio promotional tour when he

encountered Sean Hannity in New Orleans at a local radio station. Mr. Hannity approached T-Pain and they engaged in conversation. T-Pain regrets that this impromptu interaction with Sean Hannity is being disseminated as an endorsement or promotion for a specific political agenda.”


I messed up! I had some rumors for you, including some from Jazzy F and I forgot them! So, I am adding these now and will add those later. They may be a lil stale later but I’m gonna add them anyway.

Moving on…


Drake said:

“I support artist collaborations and sampling music that inspires you but I don’t support taking unauthorized recordings and marketing them as features,” Drake told AllHipHop.com. “I’ve never worked with Olivia and I apologize to any fan who was duped into thinking that ‘Control’ was a collaboration of mine.”

Olivia said:

“In no way was I trying to deceive anyone. The producers, Rony Arzoumanian, Raffi “DJ Special K” Kenadjan and DJ Finesse approached me about the record and asked if I could create a song around the beat and Drake verse they owned and created.  Since I had not spoken to Drake, I was very clear that the record could not be used for my album and could only be used for mixtapes.  After the record was done, it was released without my knowledge and we were quick to let people know it was a mixtape record. The producers put together the record and leaked it before they confirmed with Drake.  The record  “Control “was for my mixtape “Under the Radar” which comes out on the 25th on Oliviaworldwide.com. I was not pleased when the record leaked and made a statement regarding that on my twitter. My team and I were not ready but it leaked and I did not leak it. It is what it is. It’s the internet age we live in, it’s a gift & a curse”


I don’t want to start anything with Buck, he’s the man. Love the music and everything. Wendy Day hit me up and somebody else sent the following video. The video doesn’t show any chain snatching at all. It doesn’t show there was a fight either, even though that could have happened outside of the footage period.

Here is what somebody else said to me:

Hey Illseed!  Hope you are doing well!  I heard about the rumor regarding Young Buck on AllHipHop yesterday.  There is footage of that entire show in Iowa.  The incident mentioned on the AHH website is nowhere to be found in the footage.  No fights, no raised voices, no drama.  Just a sold out show in Cedar Rapids.  The promoter additionally confirms there was no robbery, fights, or drama and that the person who “leaked” you this info was a disgruntled opening act that got bumped from the show.


Tiger came in 4th place in the Masters. I don’t watch golf, but somebody hit me up and asked the question, “Where the women the secret weapon?” Its pretty funny to ask, but think about it. Where the women the key to his success in some weird way? I actually think that they made Tiger feel all-powerful and confident. They probably fed into his feelings of being invincible or something. But as we know he ain’t nothing but another man. Now, he’s feeling regular and isn’t faring too well.

MY IDOLDude painted a picture for real. Bob Ross, b**tches.

POSTSCRIPTYes..the rumors were weak! More later.BOB, WE LOVE YOU!!!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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