Immortal Technique Speaks on ‘Middle Passage’ Delay

(AllHipHop News) Political emcee Immortal Technique is close to finishing his 4th album, The Middle Passage.As an entrepreneurial artist that also serves as president of Viper Records, Technique explained that he has been very meticulous in his approach to the new LP, which he expects to be his biggest project to date.“[We’re] 8 songs deep into the middle passage,” he told “There was one sample that wasn’t clearable so we had to redo the song so it’s just been little stuff because we are trying to do it as official as possible.”Because Immortal Technique is focused on the album having a streamlined focus, another project for additional songs is in early stages to accommodate fans.“It’s a very, very vivid journey and then besides that, I will probably have a supplement to that as well,” he revealed. “Besides just the record, I got another 5-6 songs that are from a few years ago that didn’t really match the vibe of the album, but they’re still dope, so we might do an unreleased Immortal Technique EP.”Viper Records is also still in the midst of a promotional run for Long Island rapper Diabolic’s Liar and a Thief LP, available at press time, Immortal Technique has not finalized a release date for The Middle Passage.

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