Friday Fashion Feature: From Thug to Thespian: The Style Evolution of Ludacris

Since he first broke out on the scene in the late 90s, it seemed that Christopher Brian Bridges, aka Ludacris, has maintained a consistent and healthy career. It seemed like he came out of nowhere, with major hits like “Southern Hospitality” and “What’s You Fantasy,” and hasn’t looked back since. He went on to plant his feet firmly on the ground as a talented, multiplatinum rapper, songwriter, actor and philanthropist. Ludacris managed to do it all under the radar, as in, your rarely hear about beef surrounding him or other gossip. As his sound matured over the years, so did Luda’s style. He came out with braids, an afro, baggy jeans, and loud colors. Even his demeanor, his poses in pictures seemed youthful, cocky and aggressive.   Now, take a look at his more recent album covers, where he appears the more thoughtful, serious and mature Ludacris of today. Even the titles of his albums reflect his maturity level—from Chicken N Beer to the deeper Theater of the Mind. Luda eventually opted for a clean shaved head, slimmer fitting gear, modern menswear, and an overall simplicity in his style. We’ve seen him go from oversize jerseys to plain white tees, tailored suits and more. Don’t get it twisted—Luda hasn’t exactly sold out on the urban side… He still carries a youthful street vibe with fresh denim and sneakers, favoring brands from BBC to high end designers like Armani.  

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