Hip-Hop Rumors: Kat Stacks Arrested?



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Apparently, Kat Stacks has been arrested and is currently being processed in Cali. Now, I am hearing a few things so let me run it down for you. First of all, I am being told that she is knocked for prostitution, first of all. As you know, Kat Stacks is the world’s most beloved hooker. She’s openly admits to taking money in exchange for her ample body. And she brags about it. And rappers pay. Must be good flirting with death. Anyway, During her processing it was allegedly discovered that Kat Stacks is in this country illegally and is really from Venezuela. Her name is Andrea Herrera and she is trying to wriggle out of this arrest and processing by telling officials that she’s about to have a show on VH1 and some other ventures.

Apparently, whatever escort service she was representing herself as was illegal. Furthermore the people processing her know noting about Hip-Hop so her cries fell on deaf ears. Apparently, an inmate recognized Kat and told the coppers. Lastly, Kat Stacks apparently overstayed her Visa. She may be deported. We’ll see, eh?

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