Hip-Hop Rumors: The Ladies Edition: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kat Stacks



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Remember those early rumors that we heard Nicki Minaj was looking to have the same manager as Lady Gaga? Yeah, that one? Eventually, she settled on Diddy as her career caretaker. But I heard Lady Gaga’s maanger was close in the running of managing both eccentric artists. Then the brakes came to a screeching halt and Lady Gaga allegedly said, “No way.” Before you say there is beef, there isn’t. It seems that Gaga simply wants to be the top priority. As you know, Nicki should be touring with her. I heard Nicki’s absence on the Rihanna tour really affected that foray. Nicki brings a lot to the table.


I guess I said some stuff about Rihanna the other day that was actually FLATTERING. Well, one of my esteemed writers brought it to my attention that Rihanna may look all good and stuff, but her music isn’t faring as well. Reports say that she has not sold a million units in the U.S. yet. Apparently, Perez said that most of her sales are from outside of the U.S. What’s the big deal?

I guess some people that don’t like RiRi so much wanted to make a point. I don’t care personally.


Shout out to Kat! She’s got everybody talking in these streets.Here is some clarity. Apparently, she was doing that legal stuff in Florida and not Cali. Sorry about that – that wasn’t my source’s mistake. Here are some more points of clarification. Apparently Kat Stacks has had some issues with prostitution in the past. She was arrested in May of 2009 for a gun possession charge as per the Broward County Florida Clerks office records online. It is alleged that at that time Kat Stacks and another young lady were arrested during a escort service sting. Kat Stacks was booked for possession of a firearm and grand theft, while the other girl was charged with offering sex for money. It’s come to my attention now that she is possibly having some issues because of this arrest. She is a citizen of Venezuela and has overstayed her Visa, thus leading to her possible deportation. It was also brought to my attention that she is indeed in talks with VH1 about a reality show and she has actually signed already to have a pilot.”


Honestly, I don’t even know what this means, but somebody sent this over suggesting that XO was set up by the bunny and Kat.

AND he denies sleeping with her altogether.


Halle and her man Gabe have apparently broken up. One more MILF on the prowl for the illseed!

SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END I can’t even bring myself to discuss how wack these dude that’s do this d**k slanging dance are. I mean, I’m no honophobe but it seems like so-called straight people are more gay than gay people.


HA! Trey Songz at the prom. He was 17 in this pic. Sure is a chipper lad!!!!

EPIC FAIL OF THE DAYThis man will rob you unless you have a gun.

Brother man, brother man…or his that n-word man, n-word man. Sometimes, I wonder if we are a lost people! Black man rise up!!!!! This dude here…failed. In Florida 62-year-old Ruben Torres, a native New Yorker is now a hero, because of a dumb crooks dumb luck. The man above, Floyd Francis, 23, pulled out a gun and tried to rob a bank. Well, Torres was packing his own heat since he’s a security officer and can hold a concealed weapon. The old man got the drop on dude and held him there for the cops.



I am a texter and driver. I’m damn good at it too. Not only am I a great texter, I am even good at full instant message conversations on my mobile device. I noticed you have a crusade against my way of life. Sadly, I am one of these people that don’t have a driver to drive me around and furthermore, my life is consumed by hard work. I appreciate the people that you are trying to save, because they are texting for fun. I text and communicate on the run. I work on the run. I’m a busy person. Reconsider your crusade, because I am about to break the “Oprah Texting Law” the moment it is ratified. All of you that are not like me, Obey Oprah.

For those that don’t know: Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signed the texting while driving ban on Oprah’s show this week. It actually goes into affect on July 1, 2010. The first offense is $100, second offense is $200.

I’m headed to Michigan…Breakin the law, breakin the law!!!!!!



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