Mixtape Download: MAX B & YOUNG RIOT – “A Wave Called Yes”

Looking for some Max B music? Well  has just released Amalgam Digital

Series Vol 1: Prelude To Vigilante Season MAX B & YOUNG RIOT – “A Wave

Called Yes.” This mixtape will serve as a prelude to Max B’s highly anticipated

debut album Vigilante Season on Amalgam Digital. A Wave Called Yes’ first single

Young Riot’s “So Wavy,” (Produced by DJ Next) pays homage to Riot’s studio

mentor Max BThis mixtape has features from Curren$y, French Montana, Dame

Grease, Young Los, Whitey, Dj Next & Dj Si. It’s here and it’s FREE. Download it now and


Track 01: 

Intro (Goodbye Expectations)

Track 02:

 Amalgam Money (Dj Next Remix)

Track 03:

 Living The Life ft Curren$y

Track 04:

 Why Oh Why

Track 05:

 Everybody Get High (Leaked from

Young Riot’s “Glory Ave”)

Track 06:

 Model of Entropy (Leaked from Max

B’s “Vigilante Season”)

Track 07:

 Tool In The Titty

Track 08:

 Burn An Ounce ft Curren$y (Original Version)

Track 09:

 So Wavy

Track 10:

 Turn You On

Track 11:

 Fuck With A Hustler

Track 12: 


Track 13: 


Track 14: 

Off My Chest

Track 15: 

Ride On My Spaceship

Track 16: 

Newbury Yes

Track 17: 


Track 18:

 Show You Tell

Track 19: 

Interlude ft French Montana

(Nobody Better Than Max)

Track 20:

 Tattoos on Her Ass (Leaked from Max

B’s “Vigilante Season”)

Track 21: 

Married To The Game (Wavy Meets Yes)

Track 22: 



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