Ice Cube has been on other rapper’s Top 5 Dead or Alive lists more than enough times. It was time to get a list from the man himself. Like many legends, Cube has maintained a career in rap that is equal parts successful emcee and uncompromising rebel. From NWA to his solo status to Hollywood to the green pastures of independence, he’s that dude. Icon. He was brief, but he didn’t have to say detail much when he told AllHipHop the colossal names in his Top 5.

“Chuck D (of Public Enemy). He’s my No 1, because his music was life changing. His music wasn’t just rapping. It was more than that. You gotta say KRS-One for those same reasons. Ice-T, for those same reasons. And then you got to think about a somebody like a Rakim. And, uh..I’ll throw myself in there. (Laughs)”

Here is the video:

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