Necro: Thugged out Horror

When a rash of shootings in schools across America shocked the nation, many people turned to the music that the kids were listening to as the culprit of influencing the youth to commit horrible acts of violence.  Is it really the music or is it the parent’s fault for not raising the kids right? N.W.A., Luther Campbell, and Eminem have famously asked this question through their lyrics. Death-Rap today fights that same struggle, as many feel that gore and horror influence kids to recreate the violence. Necro is one of the artists fighting that perception, as he continues to make rap that is what he called “thugged out.” His lyrics are filled with imagery that you could only imagine in the scariest of horror movies.  To Necro, who is currently on tour with Kottonmouth Kings and Insane Clown Posse, this is reality. Take a look as gets into the mind of one of hip hop’s most controversial rappers. One who continues to push the envelope with regards to subject matter and content. Is it still “thug music” though ? He thinks so. Find out why. Where are you at right now?Necro: We are in Connecticut heading towards Ma**achusetts, I am going to be playing in the Palladium two nights in a Nice man, that’s what’s up. So tell me what’s been going on man with this new project man, this “DIE” record here man, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty successful record here.Necro: Yea it’s doing very well, you know it’s in the f**kin Top 10 in Amazon best sellers right there with Eminem and Drake and those other commercial dudes….and..yea so it’s doing very well as far as that goes. I got thug joints on there, where  I am just rapping street s**t, I got some death rap joints where I am just rapping pure brutal s**t, I got a war joint where I am rapping first blood, I did the whole Rambo Joint. I got a porn joint, where I am just rapping about f**king b**ches…I got a joint where I am just rapping about being an a** hole stick up artist. Violent b**ches.. so it’s a whole different style, a bunch of styles on one record.  I kept a million buckets a different flows. All the beats are bugged out, all dope drum kits…you know that real hip hop s**t, pretty much the opposite of everything that’s out. {LAUGHS} That’s what’s up man… Yo man I noticed you do beats.  As far as your production, you produced all the beats on this album? Didn’t you produce a joint for Raekwon or something?Necro: Yea I produced everything that I ever released for Necro, so there is never been a beat I used from someone else and yea I definitely did do one track on that “Cuban Linx album” I did the Jihad Oh ok what kind of equipment do you use man?Necro: I started out using the ASR10. I just lately been f**king with pro tools because the Ensoniq is kind of out dated and I just like pretty much pro tools I get done whatever needs to get done. You know I can probably mix s**t on really anything because it’s not really about the equipment, as much as it’s the “chef” it’s really the ingredients, the ingredients and how the chef cooks it, you know. Now just for our readers that do know man, your style of hip-hop is really like raw and a lot of lyrics are death lyrics.   Can you talk about your style of hip-hop and where you fit in the game? Necro: I’m from Brooklyn New York. I grew up in the projects in Brooklyn so we are talking a pretty tough environment and a lot of drama everyday. I grew up in the 80’s, you know what I mean, during the crack era so you know I come from that and a lot of that s**t is in my style. As a kid I would listen to metal, so I’m kind of like a mixture between the best of hip-hop and the best of metal. So while like some of my street influence was like Rakim, Kool G rap, Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One, while with metal I would listen to Metallica, Slayer , Megadeth, Anthrax, Obituary, Sepultura all those groups influenced me, as well as the living in the projects. People tend to say I created death rap. Basically where its just me rapping total brutal, if you ever say death rap is when  I say “I am getting outrageous on you pulling razors on you, blazing on you, 12 gauges on you, or waiting to split your brains on you”. Now technically it’s not that different that certain other  things. I talked about pulling razors, 12 gauges on you, you know what mean? When you get to the Godfathers of Gangsta, cats like, [Kool] G. Rap, there is a line where he doesn’t even cross. He will f**king blow your whole brains out on the floor and it kind get left there. So I kind of feel like I picked it up and take it even further. No rapper ever rapped about human trafficking, I am the first rapper to ever rap about enslavement of humans. I mean it has never been done before in 30 years of rapping, nobody ever  put that out you know what I mean. It doesn’t seem like you are scared to touch any topic.Necro: I mean you know, it comes from natural flavor. it’s the same as any dude sitting down and saying “ yall wanna create some hot s**t?” I find originality in something obscure, that can be put in a dope way with a dope beat; like if you listen to the beat “the human trafficking,” I sampled that from one of the most f**king famous horror movies ever. It’s all calculated. I am not really trying to be crazy, I got to sit down and I got to make a decision on how I wanna be perceived in the Hip-Hop game. It‘s all traces and so you know, so many people are alike! They can’t stand out! They don’t have a persona. You see for me from jump, I have a personality. Go back to my first EP its called The Cockroaches. On the EP I’m rapping about Cockroaches. If you listen to it I’m touching not only on the fact about roaches for a horror prospective that cock roaches be grimey, but I also go with some s**t, like growing up in the hood and people in the hood can relate to it because in the projects we have to deal with roaches! When I write my s**t I don’t write it simple. I want to make it where it hits you in the face! And it’s a punch dead in the grill! But it’s got to also be technical enough to make you rewind the s**t. It’s kind of like doing martial arts. If you’re going to do some kind of technical s**t on how you’re going to box in the ring and how you’re going to f**k someone up. You’re going to do it swift, your going to do it rugged but if you been training for 10-15 years there’s going to be a way you move. That’s how I feel when I move with my s**t.  So a lot of people tend to focus on the content “oh he just rapping the same s**t that goes hard”. Well look! If you’re a boxer right? You’re always going to knock people out right?  Your whole goal is to always to punch people in their face right? You can’t go in the ring and go “well I am not gong punch people in the face today.“ So I decided to be a boxer of hip-hop you know what I mean? My s**t punches people in the Ok man, so here so check this. Freddie, Jason, or Michael Myers which one?Necro: I like Freddie the best because Freddie has a personality and that dude will straight up tell you “Yo I’m a f**k you up” Coming out your bed and s**t.Necro:   Yea I mean he was just ill like that. He was just talking so much you know what I mean, but I really like the new Michael Myers when he was a kid. You know we got to make one thing clear for the people.I would like to make it clear  to the people that need to understand a guy like Necro. I ain’t no horror rapper, I am not f**king that genre that Russell Simmons created, no disrespect to Russell. I ain’t no horror guy or whatever the f**k people think it is you know what I mean. I happen to rap brutal s**t, now what’s brutal ? Brutal is everything. 

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