Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Loves Rihanna (Oh Boy)! Tiger Woods’ New Kid?


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I hope you are enjoying the series “Hip-Hop and Politics: From The Ballot to the Beat.” Click here for the latest. There is a a new story talking about Tupac’s community involvement, one about who in Hip-Hop is carrying the political torch, and the long history Hip-Hop DOES have in the community as a political force.

Watch this interview with Ice Cube as he breaks it down CRAZY over how “The Man” busted up Hip-Hop with a message.


Drake is talking about that song on his album “Fireworks” and he’s holding nothing back.

“I addressed it on my album. It’s not a broken heart, it’s just for me, I’m in such a confident position that I’m almost numb to feeling small. It’s been so long since a woman has made me feel small and that’s a real emotion. When you want to be a part of a woman’s life and you are nervous, all of these things that maybe I was when I was 15 or 16, it’s just been a while since I felt like that.

    “I really looked at it as paying homage to her for giving me that feeling. I just respect her for bringing that feeling back for me because it was real. It was a real emotion.”

Click here for the audio.


I know the haters are all on overload at this point, but it looks like these people are psycho for Drake. They made the cop in NY shut down the concert he was supposed to have. Its not going down – attic.


Uh-Oh. Tiger’s about to be knee deep in some more s**t! Some chick, who must be a fool, claims that her kid is child of Tiger Woods. On top of this, the chick is a porn star. Why a chick of this nature wouldn’t get that money earlier, it a mystery! Peep what I got off the New York Daily News:

Adult film actress Devon James, 29, claims Woods is the father of her son, Austin T. James  – whose middle initial is a secret tribute to the golfer she loved.

“She was 19 at the time, and she was attending a Christian school program” when they met, a source close to James told the Daily News.

“They immediately started a relationship,” the source said. “She became pregnant, but she decided not to tell Tiger.”

James never had a DNA test to prove her claim, the source admits, but “she knows he is the father of her son because he is the only African-American man she dated at that time,” the source said.

Man, this chick is a bird. Tiger needs to avoid this at all costs…literally. LOL!




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