Hip-Hop Rumors: Big Meech Speaks! Jeezy & Rick Ross Friction?! What!?


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Young Jeezy had a pretty intimate relationship with BMF in his early days. The relationship was so close, it seemed like Jizzle was going to get caught up in all the mess that eventually took them down. So, now…Jeezy releases a new song called “The Real BMF” and it certainly seems like there’s friction! I mean, HEY…listen for yourself!

Young Jeezy Ft Big Meech – B.M.F. (The Real Blowin Money Fast)

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And there is Big Meech on the phone…uh oh. As Robocop would say: “TROUBLE.”

Did Meech put a battery in Jeezy’s back? This could get downright ugly, because these dudes are some of the best the south has to offer these days! (don’t “hate”) Anyway, Jeezy ain’t taking any direct shots at Ross and they have worked together in the past so maybe this is just a knee jerk reply.

The song is dope though! Big Meech is going in though!

How did I mess this up? Gucci – Jeezy? Damn! Better late than never!


Somebody, pick up a phone!!!

These dudes are pals!RAWSE AND JIZZLEN, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then

they should worry!

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