Hispanic Rapper Pitbull Has Been Tapped as a Keynote Speaker

Hispanic rapper Pitbull has been tapped as a keynote speaker at the

Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) Annual Conference.

Pitbull will take the stage with Ruben Leyva, who heads up Sony Music’s U.S. Latin division.

The pair will discuss the opportunities and challenges they have faced working in the music business and in their normal lives.

“Music and entertainment are at the forefront of the Hispanization of

America. Pitbull epitomizes the success Latino entertainers have had not

only in the music industry but in the Hispanic consumer market as

well,” said Gisela Girard, AHAA chair and president/COO of San-Antonio

based Creative Civilization. “The stories of Pitbull and Leyva are

similar to the challenges we overcome daily in our fight to establish

Hispanic marketing within the advertising industry and within our client

organizations. As entrepreneurs, we can learn a lot from the

experiences, adversity and ultimate achievements of these entertainment


Pitbull, who also hosts his own Spanish-language show “Esquina” on Mun2,

will also speak about the challenges associated with “in-culture


The AHAA Conference is slated to take place October 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami.

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