Yelawolf Plans Two New Studio Albums, Speaks on Interscope’s Creative Influence

(AllHipHop News) Alabama emcee Yelawolf has already mapped out the next six months with two new albums and a collaboration mixtape with Def Jam’s Big K.R.I.T.Yelawolf, who’s already had a high-profile 2010 with appearances on projects from Bizarre, Paul Wall and Big Boi, will release his first major label album in November.“Trunk Muzik: 0-60 is coming out in November, my first album release for Interscope,” he told “After that, we’re going to be releasing an album in March called Radioactive. So it’s a lot of work.”Even with a formidable promotion machine like Interscope behind him, Yelawolf cites touring as the best form of promotion for any artist. To that end, he’s partnered with fellow breakout emcees Wiz Khalifa and Big. K.R.I.T. for the national Waken Baken tour.“[I’m] on tour with Wiz Khalifa, and after I hop off that it’s straight back in the lab to work on the album release,” Yelawolf explained. “K.R.I.T.’s on the tour too, but we haven’t done any dates together; he’s doing spot dates. That’s another mixtape I’ll be putting out with him, Trunk Muzik Wuz Here: Country Cu$$inz should be dropping soon.”The Alabama rapper is aware that due to major label protocol, he will now have to consider new factors like marketing and radio accessibility when making music. However, Yelawolf is adamant that the integrity of his music won’t be compromised.“I don’t do s**t that I don’t want to do. You can’t make me. It’s impossible, I’m too f**king stubborn,” Yelawolf stated. “I let my team deal with that in-between, creative talk. But I get it. I’m not up there to do music that people don’t understand. I’m up there to do music the world understands. I didn’t join a major label to be an underground artist.”Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik: 0-60 is scheduled for release on November 23.

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