Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Fiasco Is Cool With Atlantic Now?! (Pics) Did Foxy Brown Fail?


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It looks like Lupe is going to be good to go with this situation with Atlantic records. Peep the picture.

Lupe simply tweeted this: “VICTORY”

I guess there is some good news on the way. Good lookin’ out to http://lupefiasco-lupend.blogspot.com/ FOXY FAIL?

Before you look at this video, be aware it looks like a chaotic mess of random footage. To spare you, I will give you the skinny. Foxy was booked for a club, which closed at 4am. Apparently, Ms. Inga showed up at 3:45am and got into a huge argument with the promoter over her tardiness. Most of this is somebody just talking into an SVU trying to coax the Brown Fox out of the car. Truth be told, I skimmed through it and couldn’t find much worthy of your good time. If you have time to waste, the raw footage is below.


My sources tell me that 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler didn’t have their stories together for the press. He was had no comment (when’s the last time that happened?) and she denied it.

Bang Em Smurf reportedly has a new mixtape dissing 50 Cent coming out.


Woman Glues her eyes…read this from Fox News.

“The bottles are identical and I am not young anymore, but I am not senile. I just did this because these are my precious eye drops.“

That’s what Irmgard Holm told MyFoxPhoenix after going through a nightmarish experience, that landed her in the hospital with doctors trying to pry her eyes open after she accidentally superglued them shut.

Holm, who had cataract surgery last year, reached for what she thought was eye drop medication, but instead was actually superglue. When she felt a burning sensation, she realized something was very wrong.

Holm attempted to wash the glue out of her eyes, but by that time they were sealed shut.

“It was a nightmare and a half,” Holm says.

Paramedics and hospital staff rushed to remove the glue before her eyes suffered major damage.

“They had to cut off the glue substance. It was all hard, and it was in the eye and just everywhere. I couldn’t even see,” said a still shaken Holm.

She wants companies that make superglue to change their packaging so something like this doesn’t happen to more people.

“You can go infection, blindness, removal of the eye on something like this, please help.”

My only question is, what the hell are the eyedrops and glue doing next to each other in the first place?



LUPE FIASCO, WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

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