Jeezy at Prime Time in Atlanta, BET Hip-Hop Awards Weekend.

During the hustle of the BET Hip Hop Awards, got all access to  and exclusive listening session and behind the scenes look at Young Jeezy and the CTE camp. Much what was witnessed will never been told…but here is what can be shared with the public.

Amidst the darkness of the club and bright strobe lights, maneuvering our way around the Lamborghinis, Escalades and the clouds of smoke, we captured rare footage of the man behind the myth.  Getting exclusive glimpses of the rapper that has inspired so many not only in the rap game, but also in the streets, on playing fields and across the globe,  AllHipHop was able to partake in what was a legendary night in hip hop.

Maybe every night is epic or inspirational with the CTE, but with the delay of TM-103 (Jeezy’s next full length album) many fans were left wondering about what happened to the album. Jeezy also didn’t make an appearance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

But judging by the response he got from the crowd, and if history is correct, fans shouldn’t worry, nor should they question the method to Jeezy’s calculations of when TM-103 should drop.

The Recession was timed perfectly when you think about the concept that he was able to carry throughout the project.  The attention that the album garnered from fans, and the industry as a whole is astounding.  When looking at how many people were humbled by the financial crisis, the title still resonates today. 

The Last Laugh mixtape plays straight through like an album, and seems to take fans back to his legendary days of TM101 quality album work.  Emphasizing his consistent ability to resonate throughout the streets and across the globe, Jeezy again is giving the fans work in a drought. 

The Last Laugh is a solid project with epic, arena sounding songs, which will likely prove to be enough to hold fans over until TM-103 comes out. Until then, Jeezy will be performing at select dates across the U.S. 

In the words of Young Jeezy, “Dont go for the BS, TM-103 will be here this year.”

For all further info regarding TM-103 and CTE see the Twitter page.  @officialtm103

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