A3C 2010: The West Coast Way

Atlanta, Ga.-The A3C Festival is an Annual Hip Hop

celebration that displays the diversity of  urban music by inviting hundreds of emcees, producers, and

industry affiliates to exhibit their interpretation of rhythm and rhyme.  Attendees came from coast to coast to

network, promote and perform. 

Friday October 8th this Hip Hop extravaganza was swimming

with rappers from the Bay area. 


California Lyricist

included: The Jacka, J-Stalin, Willie Joe, Erk tha Jerk and  Mistah F.A.B.


These mentioned artists have won the West-one album, one mix

tape, one promo tour at a time. California’s own, ErkthaJerk, has an album

approaching titled  Nerds Eye

View  fully loaded with  radio rotated hits like “Right Here.”  Erk says his family and  life lessons inspire him the most.  The way Erk feels influences the way he

writes depending on the day.

Willie Joe, another Bay area buzz also performed at this

years A3C festival.  Willie Joe is

currently promoting Focus, which he also calls  “ The Street Album.” 

His music has an original sound that segregates  his flow from other Cali’ emcees.  Willie Joe has collaborated with

ErkthaJerk, Mistah F.A.B, as well as Grand Hustle recording artist B.O.B.

Willie Joe demands to be heard and holds his own in the West Coast



J-Stalin has the

fastest growing fan base out of Oakland, with records also in heavy rotation

his single “Everyday is My Birthday” has been debuted on MTV Jams. J-Stalin has

been busy traveling to several cities from Cali’ to K.C. and more; gaining

followers who support his latest album Prenuptial Agreement.  J-Stalin’s buzz has grown major

clout in the industry including opportunities to work with artists like  E-40, Killer Mike, and Digital


Hip Hop Junkies were waiting intensely for Mistah F.A.B to

hit the stage, a universally recognized emcee well known for his club banger

with Too Short and Snoop “Life of the Party.”  Mistah F.A.B 

has a diverse sense of flow that appeals to all audiences.  Not only is Mistah F.A.B  a well branded West coast rapper he

also writes for other entertainers. 

Look for his album  Liberty

Forever to hit stores in February 2011.


The Jacka’s performance sealed the deal at  the A3C 2010 Festival. Jacka is

considered to be on the most influential rappers in this West Coast coalition.

He is a self made mogul that sells more than 60 percent of his records outside

of the state of California.  The

Jacka is an unstoppable force that leads a collaborated team of

excellence.  While encouraging

unity Bay area artists move toward common goals with precision.  West Coast Hip Hop is continuing to

evolve with an innumerable amount of followers as they introduce the world to

the West Coast way.

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