Hip-Hop Rumors: Nelly Un-Clears Ashanti Rumors! Detox Update; Eminem & Interscope Leap In!


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You know AllHipHop had to get Nelly’s take on Ashanti, especially after he said they were never together! The boy stuck to his guns…sorta. Check it out below. As told to Seandra Sims. The rest of this interview will be up later this week or something.

AllHipHop.com: OK, so the new Takeover Formula is to pair a hip-hop dude and an R&B chick. Jay and Bey, Swizz and Alicia…Nelly and Ashanti?

Nelly: I think right now we’re so focused on our careers, and what might work for some people may not work for the next people. Because a) you get people like ‘we are together, we’re not together.’ We never said any of that. We never said we were together, we never said we weren’t together. You know? We never said we were split up to get back together…we never said we back together to split up.

AllHipHop.com: That’s a mouthful. Are you together?Nelly: What is that? To say we’re together, or we aren’t together? My point is that we’re friends. Now don’t get it twisted – obviously we’ve taken a liking to each other. We wouldn’t be seen with each other as much as we have if we didn’t. But the thing is that we’re so focused on so many other goals that we’ve got to give each other that space and that passage, so that what makes them them, they can continuously do.


Here is the latest on Detox! I am hearing that Dr. Dre is now catching some heat if you will from Interscope to get Detox finished and ready by year’s end. I don’t mean heat in a bad way…just a lil’ pressure. Its the 4th quarter and these companies all look to finish strong. I heard Eminem is totally in the studio with the good Doc to finish it up strong. Who better to help Dre come back than the comeback kid!?




Peep what one of my readers sent over to me.

Miami resident here. Bang bang brickell gang lol. Just a little more info, it’s pretty funny that the dolphins owner said “Not considering or looking for any celebrity limited partners” seeing as how just last year J-Lo and Marc Anthony became minority-minority owners last year or so.

I think Master P’s managing of Ricky Williams soured everyone in the 305 on having N.O. rappers manage sports players and teams.






It has been a good day and now that Jazzy F has showed up, even better. Below are the views and rumors of one Jazzy F.

Kanye West and Jay-Z will battle it out since they are both releasing albums on the same day. Jay-Z “The Hits Volume One” and Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will hit stores November 22nd. Go pick up BOTH!

Well looks like we all know that Nicki Minaj will be on Rihanna’s Loud album. The track is titled “Raining Men”. Check below for what Rihanna had to say about the collabo.

“You know I worked with her before on Rated R and she was just writing me some really good ballads and I couldn’t wait to work with her again and finally have her on my record.  It’s a really fun song.  It’s called ‘Raining Men’. No, nothing like the original.  It’s quite up-tempo but kind of quirky and funny.”

Word is Alicia Keys did not release “Put In A Love Song” music video because she did not want to be upstaged by Beyonce. There was other reasons that was thrown out there but we all know Alicia did not want that heat Beyonce was gone bring. Seriously thought there really is no reason for the music video not to be out. #imjustsayin

Foxy Brown is mad at illseed but showing up late or not showing up at all is what Foxy Brown has become famous for since 2000. Foxy just get on your grind and stop living in the past when you was hot touring with the O-Jays. (Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas)

Meeno aka Mr Burns from Vacant Lot is suppose to be putting together a stop the violence track for the youth in Harlem with several other MCs.  You know Harlem kids love to stay fly and with the economy messed up they out there in Harlem shooting the streets up. I mean we have not had a Harlem day parade that did not turn into a world war in I don’t know when.

Anyway you already know how it goes down with Jazzy F and it don’t stop so FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @itsJazzyFBaby


I heard Jay-Z refused to allow Def Jam Rap Star to use any of his music. Not exactly sure why though.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are divorcing. I saw this coming down.

Nelly is rumored to be making a “Tip Drill” movie? Uhm…an epic fail in the making.

Chris Brown is reportedly planning to make the switch from R&B to Rock. Anything to be closer to Rihanna, I see.

Rumor has it Atlantic is not pleased at all with T.I. I concur that he is one of their most prized investments.

Ciara sex tape? I don’t believe it.

Actor Boris Kodjoe owes the IRS approximately $340,000 in back taxes. Ouch to me…to him…an inconvenience.


Apparently, Kanye has made Kelly Rowland uncomfortable with his new lyrics. Peep what I saw on HelloBeautiful.com.

Kelly Rowland was slightly embarrassed when she discovered that Kanye’s most memorable lyric in his comeback song “Power” mentioned her.

In some behind the scenes footage of her Complex magazine photo shoot, Kelly shyly raps the lyric:

“Muthaf**** we rollin’, with some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowland’s.”

And continued, “My friends sometimes greet me like that now which is really weird. To hear him say that, I was kinda blown away.”

She sarcastically added, “Dang, no pressure, Kanye!”KELLY DON’T LIKE IT! BACK OFF YEEZY. …or I’m make you wear a mockneck shirt!


Just kidding.

YEEZY, WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

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