AHH Stray News: Professor Bun B., Katt Stacks Regrets Soulja Boy Incident, Lola Luv Not Broke

(AllHipHop News) UGK’s Bun B. has officially joined the teaching staff at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Bun B. has been enlisted to teach a course on Hip-Hop and religion at the University. The teaching job was set up by the H.E.R.E. Project (Houston Enriches Rice Education). “We’ll discuss the history of rap music and find the different parallels and correlations between religion and hip-hop,” Bun B. told NPR. “People will be surprised at how many instances there are. Just the Five-Percent Nation’s presence in hip hop alone during the late ’80s and early ’90s — we could teach for days just on that. And other different things — we have Jewish rappers now. Bun B. will start teaching at Rice University in the Spring of 2011. Hip-Hop groupie Katt Stacks may not have any regrets for exposing her numerous conquests, but she does feel bad about calling out Soulja Boy and accusing the Atlanta rapper of using cocaine. In a new interview with Vibe magazine, Katt discusses a variety of subjects, from her pimp, to her drinking habits, as well as her time as a real prostitute earning thousands. But when the subject of Soulja Boy came up, Katt Stacks revealed that she apologized to the rapper. “I don’t regret any of the things I’ve done to the people I exposed… except for Soulja Boy,” Katt Stacks stated. “We were actually good friends and we just had one misunderstanding and lack of communication that day when I put the video out. I did it out of being angry that day instead of thinking of what we had in the past. I apologized to him and we’re friends now, we squashed beef. It’s not the same relationship as before, but we’re still cool.”Rapper/model Lola “Luv” Monroe has replied to reports by MediaTakeOut.com that claimed she was broke and living in Baltimore, with rising fellow rapper, Los. According to Lola’s attorney Paul W. Gardner, replied to the “vicious rumors of homelessness and financial despair. “MediaTakeout.com has a history of erroneous reporting and the story which hit this week continues that trend,” Paul W. Gardner said in a statement released today (October 21st). Previous rumored reports regarding my client have been posted on this website and were found to be untrue. Enough, is enough. Any further attempts to discredit Ms. Monroe will be met with additional legal review.”

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