Rapper T.I. Sued Over ‘Welcome Back Party’ Before Heading To Prison

(AllHipHop News) T.I. may be heading to prison for the next 11 months, but that has not stopped an angry promoter for suing the rap star over a canceled “Welcome Home” concert. Carl D. Davis filed a lawsuit against T.I. in the United States District Court for the Southern Division of Alabama on October 18th,  Davis claims he was supposed to host T.I.’s first “Welcome Back Party” which was supposed to be held at the Birmingham Jefferson Coliseum on May 28th, 2010. According to Davis’ lawsuit, he flew to Atlanta and gave over $80,000 to representatives for T.I. to confirm his performance. Things began to sour when T.I. allegedly hit local radio station 95.7 FM and stated that he would host the party, but not perform. T.I.’s announcement allegedly caused many fans to question the validity of the concert, resulting in an extreme amount of stress on Davis, who was ultimately hospitalized over the ordeal. “Coupled with his financial expenditures since the inception of the agreement, Davis began to experience heavy stress, suffer chest pains, nausea, emotional distress and hospitalization because of the vast amount of investments he made,” Davis’ lawyer claims in the lawsuit.According to Davis, he lost over $340,000, which was his entire life savings and is suing the rapper to recover some of his money.

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