Exclusive: Yelawolf Speaks On Wiz’ Arrest; Tour Concludes Tomorrow In PA

(AllHipHop News) Alabama rapper Yelawolf recently sat down with AllHipHop.com and commented on last week’s arrest of Pittsburgh, PA rapper Wiz Khalifa, during a stop on the nationwide “Waken Baken 2010″ tour.Wiz was released on $300,000 bail, after he was busted with about 60 grams of potent marijuana at East Carolina University (ECU). Greenville, North Carolina police hit the rapper with three charges, including two felonies for possession and intent to distribute.”It’s unfortunate Wiz got locked up,” Yelawolf explained to AllHipHop.com. “Its my homie. Its inevitable. That man smokes so much weed, he needs to move to Cali to live where its legal. He definitely shouldn’t have been locked up for having weed or smoking weed. I mean he just smokes it, who gives a f**k. They need to let him go and drop that s**t.”Yelawolf is billed as the opener for Wiz on the tour, which kicked off on August 7th in Boston, New York and ends tomorrow night (November 16th) in Pennsylvania. In October, Wiz told AllHipHop.com he just may move from Pennsylvania to California, where the laws on marijuana possession are more relaxed. “I’m trying to move out that way, I am tired of catching cases in Pennsylvania over marijuana,” Wiz told AllHipHop.com in October. “Its medicinal too, above everything, it’s not just a cool thing to do…the s**t works.”Yelawolf, who is planning his own debut album via Ghet-O-Vision/Interscope, wished Wiz the best of luck. “I don’t want to see him locked up or f**ked up or facing charges or having to pay the court system his hard earned money because he smokes weed,” Yelawolf said. “He just gotta be more careful. He knows it though, he’s a smart dude.”EThe “Waken Baken 2010” tour concludes tomorrow (November 16th) at Crocodile Rock, a popular venue in Allentown, Pennsylvania, about two hours outside of Wiz’ hometown of Pittsburgh.

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