Brand Manager Cedric Muhammad Launches Consulting Service For African; U.S. Artists

(AllHipHop News) Former Wu-Tang Management GM Cedric Muhammad is launching a new company that will provide international brand management and strategic marketing advice to artists, entertainment companies, music entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on Africa and the United States. The new service, which is being launched under his CM Cap Hip-Hoppreneur umbrella, consists of four services: brand management, strategic marketing, artist development and entrepreneurial development. In addition to the Wu-Tang Clan, Muhammad has worked with a variety of clients, including McDonalds,, David Banner, the U.S. State Department of Housing and Urban Development and the government of Indonesia in 1998, during their currency crisis. “I’m excited and humbled to be in a position to not only have my finger on the pulse of where the music business and global economy are headed, but also the necessary influence and network to help develop and guide artists in an empowering way,” Cedric Muhammad said. “My goal is to help them build earning potential even when the music stops and to demonstrate that the future of the business lies not in hot beats and rhymes or great performance alone, but more importantly, in brands and leadership qualities that represent the best interests and aspirations of people and organizations – at a local and international level.”Cedric Muhammad’s company will focus on artists based in America who are looking to become more relevant and expand their careers in internationally, with a focus in Africa, as well as artists abroad looking to break in the United States.The first client signed to CM Cap is West African Entertainment Company Storm 360 and their artist, Nigerian rapper Naeto C. Under the new deal, CM Cap will help introduce Naeto C. to the United States, while promoting the award-winning rapper’s upcoming album Super C Season.Naeto C., who already holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology, will earn a Master’s Degree in Energy Studies later this month. He was also named Best Hip-Hop Artist during Channel the Channel O Awards in South Africa last weekend. “I believe the most versatile MC in the world is coming out of Africa,” Cedric Muhammad commented. Naeto C. is a special artist with not only talent and charisma, but a story that will inspire people. What else can you say about ‘the only MC with an MSC’? America is going to love him and his new album! I’m honored to work closely with him and Storm 360 around ‘Super C Season.’ We plan to write history. Naeto C epitomizes what it means to be a ‘Diasporic Personality,’ – a trendsetter at home and abroad.”Naeto C. recently released “10/10,” the first track off of the album Super C Season. To listen to tracks by Naeto C., click here.

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