Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Disses Lil Kim! Janet Jackson’s Engaged!?


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I know a lot of people won’t care about this, BUT I have reason to believe that Foxy is about to diss her former counterpart Lil Kim. I know the name of it and even have the MP3 at this point, but I cannot release it. (Thanks Steve Raze!) But why would she be dissing Kim? Hmmmmm….

On the flip side, Foxy is in the news.(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn, New York rapper Foxy Brown appeared in court yesterday (November 16th) and vowed to defend herself against a charge that she violated a court order by mooning her neighbor during a dispute in July.

Foxy is accused of violating a 2007 protective order filed by her Bed-Stuy neighbor Arlene Raymond, with whom she has infamously feuded since 2007, when Foxy was accused of hitting Raymond in the face with her Blackberry. Click here for the full story.WAKA FLOCKA’S MOM GOES IN AGAIN!

Check out this quote from Waka Flocka’s momeger, Deb Antney!

On Waka’s Intelligence“Waka was a bright-ass kid. Bright as hell. Honors. The s**t that get me about him is that he does this language s**tthat he do. He’s from New York. Yeah, he was here since a kid, but he’s different from all the rest of my kids. If you hear the way he talk [compared] to everybody else, you know they come from New York. But [Waka] adapted everything about the South; he really do know here better than he know up there. He was a bright-ass kid. And then he just went astray.”Click here for the rest!JANET JACKSON IS ENGAGED!?!?!

Here is a really cool rumor if it should happen to come true. Somebody tells me that the Former Nasty One Janet Jackson is actually engaged. My source is telling me that she got engaged a short time ago in Dubai to her boyfriend. Wissam Al-Mana is the name and CAKE is his game. And when I say cake, I don’t mean sugary foods. Anyway, I heard that the ring is 18k with the ill rock. The source also said that she asked her to marry him in the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. I heard that is CRAZY LUXURIOUS inside too!




Toni Braxton has Lupus, she recently told a crowd. I heard they were stunned.

Brandy was voted off Dancing With The Stars.

Beyonce’s commercial for her perfume  ‘Heat’ has been banned in Britain.


Click here for the full story.MIKEY T’S RUMORS!

You know the deal! Mikey T! Rumors from the underground! LOL!

Whats Good its the kid Mikey T The Movie Star 

the hottest white boy in the entertainment industry 

back w/ the news & rumors . 

S/O Zulu Nation & @MJones4082 was w/ Beans during his performance 

in New York over the weekend Beans went in & even threw up a old 

freestyle where he name checks Jeezy & Questions the T.I situation 

Termanology has a new mixtape is working on 

called The Terminator , which is going to be a break

from his Hood Politics Tape Series , Term is heading out 

to Europe & Asia for steady touring . 

Eminem Named 2pac as his Fav Mc in the Game ,

Also Em is already steady at work on his third LP

While in the Lab working w/ Dre on the Detox project

Em says “Detox” is 50% Done . 

Cam’Ron Album on Aftermath ??? Thats the word going 

around S/O 2 Freekey Zekey for showing so much support

to local community he’s really making a difference . 

But the rumor going around is Cam & Dre may be doing 

some serious work together on Cams next LP. 

I’ll be Back in the next few days we going to be crazy 

some of the craziest topics in hop hop from Arrests , Drug Use , 

Hip Hop Beef …Movie Star Everything !! @MTMovieStar MovieStarManagement@Gmail.com

LIL KIM AND FOXY, WE LOVE YOU!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

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