Jedi Mind Tricks Outrage Gays In Amsterdam

(AllHipHop News) Underground Hip-Hop group Jedi Mind Tricks are causing controversy in Amsterdam, as a large group of gay rights activists are planning to protest the group’s performance slated for tonight. Gay rights organization Centre for Culture and Leisure (COC) are planning to protest Jedi Mind Trick’s show, which is slated to take place at a venue named De Melkweg. Activists have scrutinized the group’s lyrics, which they say openly promotes violence against homosexuals. “In a city like Amsterdam, where we are cracking down on discrimination and homophobia, a statement must be made against this kind of music,” said the COC’s Amsterdam branch in a statement. “The so-called apologies made on Wednesday are the band’s apologies to the Melkweg for the commotion they caused. It was neither a gesture of goodwill towards the city of Amsterdam, nor to its many LGBT citizens.”The managers of De Melkweg have refused to cancel the show by Jedi Mind Tricks, stating the that the group was will within the “limits of free speech.””Another consideration is that some lyrics date from their early days and have not been sung by the band for years,” management for De Melkweg said in a statement. Activists will gather at the group’s show tonight to hand out rainbow posters and pink bracelets in protest of their appearance and performance. Jedi Mind Tricks are working on a new album titled Violence Begets Violence, which is due in stores in 2011 on Enemy Soil Records.

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