Football: If You’re Not From The South, You Suck!

When you look at football there

is an overwhelming trend that becomes apparent after some time: Southern

players are the standard in the sport. Kids from Florida, Georgia, Alabama,

Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina Texas, Oklahoma etc. are more

talented year in and year out than any dream team from New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,

Michigan or any Northern state for that matter.    

Colleges that feed off these

fertile recruiting grounds have proven that time and time again. Eight

National champions since 1999 have come from the South. The SEC in particular

has also impressed wining the last four national titles with Auburn

a serious threat to make it five in a row this year.  

There are several theories that

persist as to why the Southern athletes are superior to their Northern

counter parts. Some argue that it is the shorter and milder winter especially

in Texas and Florida that allows athletes to train year round. If you

ask coaches they will tell you that the South simply grows bigger, faster,

more athletic defensive lineman which is the foundation of why the SEC

is and always will be a dominant conference. I can name 20 current and

former Florida Gators and can’t name a single Syracuse Orangeman football

player outside of Marvin Graves and Donovan McNabb.  

Speaking of Florida it’s nicknamed

is the “Speed State” and has single handedly supplied some

of the greatest dynasties of our time with every single drop of their

talent from FSU, Miami and Florida. Every team in the country has staff

dedicated specifically to recruit the South. The decline can also be

seen in how competitive the Northern schools have been in the last decade.

Ohio State the best of the Northern challengers annually gets its brains

beaten in by the best Southern teams and its last victory over Miami

for a national title was….ahem, suspect. Outside of California or

Texas no other states have enough talent to even provide a team that

could compete with the South. Oregon, Ohio State and Penn State still

raid the South as best they can to “keep up with the Joneses”

Oregon’s entire starting backfield is from Texas. I don’t know whether

it’s the combination of speed, extra sunshine or just simple population

distribution at work. At the moment, the South is king and there is

nothing anybody can do stop it. Boise State and Oregon can be my guest

to prove me wrong. The powers in the South may shift, but the talent

never will so once again. 

P.S. – With turkey day coming

up and all these big match-ups along with it, I will provide you with

some winners since you will already be losing by eating turkey at 5

am in the morning.  

Nevada vs.

Boise State 

Boise does not lose the games

that should not, which is another reason they get on my nerves…..

Boise by 14 


vs Texas A&M  

Bevo takes one final kick in

the teeth as the Ryan Tanehill legend grows bigger by the day. Texas

A&M by 3 

West Virginia

vs Pittsburgh  

The jerseys in this one will

be better than the game. Geno Smith leads WVU to victory in their Nike

Pro Combat Jerseys…  WVU by 7 


vs Oklahoma State  

OSU still sucks and I don’t

care if George Jetson is running the offense OSU is still inferior.

 Oklahoma by 30 as is the NORM  


vs Florida State  

Remember that “FSU is the new

king of the Sunshine State” article the world killed me on in the

pre-season, well eat my shorts *bart simpson voice* Noles by 10 

Hope you enjoyed your Turkey Day – sincerely

from the staff at 6magazine. 

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