Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sued For Abusing Power, Harrassing Prominent Judges

(AllHipHop News) Four Judges in Phoenix, Arizona are accusing Sheriff Joe Arpaio of abusing his power in the city by targeting them for unfounded criminal investigation, in retaliation for court rulings. All four of the lawsuits were filed this week, claiming that Sheriff Arpaio’s actions “constitute the rankest misuse of power against those innocent and powerless citizens that our system of government is supposed to protect.”The lawsuits come on the heels of the latest arrests of embattled rap star DMX, who has been arrested at least six times in Maricopa County, Arizona since 2007, on charges ranging from speeding, drug possession, animal cruelty, identity theft and several other minor infractions.Just days before he was re-arrested, DMX was featured on Fox 10 News and sent a message to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “What up Joe. Double r throw it up… He’s here I’m here I’m not going anywhere. I will be around a lot longer than him,” DMX said during an interview on November 12th. “I wish him the best good health long life. Leave me alone.”Six days later, on November 18th, DMX was back behind bars for violating his probation, for allegedly not checking in with his probation officers and testing positive for drugs and alcohol. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is accused of sending his deputies to the homes of judges to gather information on them, harass them, tapped their phones, seized computers and engaged in other illegal behavior. All four of the retired judges seek general, punitive, and treble damages for abuse of power, infliction of emotional distress, defamation, and negligence.

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