Hip-Hop Rumors: Trey Songz Has Rapper Beef? Foxy Brown’s X-Mas Masscre? G-Dep’s Last Song!


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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.WHO: illseedWHAT: Rumors, Funnies, Fails and more!WHERE: illseed.comtwitter.com.illseedHOW: Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.TREY SONGZ GETS A RAPPER DISSIN’ HIM!

I can honestly say, I don’t know how these stars do it. All sorts of crazy people clamoring for their attention or whatever, but when it gets close to home, the plot thickens. Well, it would seem that Trey Songz has a former bodyguard that has turned into a rapper. The rapper/bodyguard’s name is Mase Milli and he’s not playing. He’s got a song called “Warning Shots” and it is aimed at Trey Songz, supposedly. I wasn’t going to listen, but I decided to. He refers to Trey having issues in Chicago after the young gun dissed R. Kelly. He says he protected Trey when there was beef and got the OGs on the phone. He speaks of having a red beam on Trey! That’s not a warning shot! Anyway, I find that interesting. I didn’t know Trey had beef in the streets after he went at R. Kelly. It makes sense though. Kellz has been around the way for a long time. Also, there is some link to T.I,, but I can’t fully call it. Here is the song.


This one is pretty funny, but it may be sad. It depends on where you are coming from. So, here is the mess. There is a producer dude named Nealante (Black folks got them names, don’t they?). Well, Nealante has a lil 15-year-old cousin and he’s an aspiring rapper. Fieldmob is a legendary group from Georgia, as you know. One if their members is Shawn Jay, who is on Facebook. Lil man rapper hit up Shawn Jay and it unfurled like this:

Well, here is the back story. Apparently, the boy has idolized Fieldmob since he was a lil’ kid, before they were even rap stars. The kid felt like he was asking help to somebody he saw as a big bro and got that above. Now, somebody even close to the situation is talking about breaking out some old info on Shawn Jay that could mess him up in the street. G-DEP’S LAST SONG

I found this song crazy, because the name of it is “6 Million Ways To Die” and it features G-Dep.

Matter of fact, go over to illseed.com and I’ll tell you how I feel about it.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST…FOXY BROWN HAS A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR LIL KIM!”A Christmas Massacre,” eh? Here is the language on an upcoming concert/party for Foxy Brown:

“PLATINUM CAMP PRODUCTIONS in association with


announce the most anticipated response since (Jay Z’s Takeover),


FOXY AND KIM, WE LOVE YOUR HALTER TOPS!  They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

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