Hip-Hop Rumors: Joe Budden’s Shot At Jay/Kanye’s “Throne” -? T.I.’s Progressive Studio?


So, you know the word is out on T.I. Tip is NOT going back to jail and people are making sure he doesn’t, from what I am hearing. One thing that will be cool for people into the environment is, I heard T.I. will be in a super high tech state of the art “green studio” in Atlanta. I heard this place is awesome! I heard they use stuff like recycled materials and solar energy. Most of all, I heard there’s not alcohol or other such items allowed that may create and unsavory climate for Tip. Waiting for the King to take that throne back.


So, the word on the streets is that Joe Budden took a lil’ shot at Kanye and Jay-Z in his freestyle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher. He said:

“I’m not watching the throne / I’m sabotaging it.”

Interesting. But, here is the other side, Joe Budden has reportedly claimed that this IS NOT a SHOT at Jay and ‘Ye. How can he expect us to take it any other way? Some of you yung bucks may not be aware, but Joe and Jay have been beefing in varying degrees for years. This is just another page in the continuing saga.

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