Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jimmy Henchman’s Daughter Get Beat Up In Pac Argument?


YO! Now that Jimmy Henchmen is in jail, HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE! Rumors are all over the place and I am getting one of epic proportions….that’s sadly wack. I am getting word that Jimmy Henchman’s daughter just got beat up by a dude mad over Tupac. This apparently happened in Las Vegas at Drake’s bday party at Tao in the parking garage. She was getting into an argument with this guy who was a super Pac fan over his murder and dude just took off on her. According to my sources, this could have easily been caught on tape. The sad thing is she’s paying for the ALLEGED sins of the father. She didn’t have anything to do with that. Jimmy is in jail! Here’s Dee Dee Rosemond, the only daughter that I know Jimmy has. Hoping this didn’t happen!

dee dee rosemond, jimmy henchman's daughter

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