Exclusive: Insane Clown Posse Sued For $2 Million Over Halloween Samples

(AllHipHop News) Rap group Insane Clown Posse has been hit with a $2,000,000 lawsuit, claiming they illegally sampled Halloween music on various recordings without permission.

Entity Productions filed a lawsuit against Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, on Monday.

According to the lawsuit, Entity Productions sells or licenses various recordings around the world.

Entity Productions claims the Insane Clown Posse illegally sampled portions of works created by the group Midnight Syndicate.

The lawsuit states that Midnight Syndicate is a premier producer of high-end Gothic Halloween themed music in the United States.

The group has sold over 500,000 CD’s around the world, and their music has been featured in films, video games, and amusement parks around the world.

Entity Productions claims that in the summer of 2009, they discovered that the albums Mirror Mirror (featuring Twiztid) and the album Tales From the Lotus Pod (featuring Dark Lotus), contained songs that sampled several of recordings by Midnight Syndicate.

The lawsuit claims that the group sampled the song “Raven’s Hollow,” from Midnight Syndicate’s album Realm of Shadows.

Entity Productions also claims that the group swiped portions of the song “Haunted Nursery,” as well as Midnight Syndicate’s song “Halls of Insurrection.”

Lawyers for Entity Productions sent a letter to the group in October of 2009, but they never received a reply.

To make matters worse, Entity Productions discovered that more songs were illegally sampled by the group on their album Hell’s Pit.

On that album, ICP illegally sampled Midnight Syndicate’s song “Vampyre,” as well as another song titled “Awakening.”

The group also sampled Midnight Syndicate’s song “Unseen Eyes,” as well as another song titled “Crypt of the Forsaken.”

Entity Productions seeks a total of $2,100,000 for copyright infringement.

A copy of the lawsuit is listed below:

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87 Responses to “Exclusive: Insane Clown Posse Sued For $2 Million Over Halloween Samples”

  1. scullyson

    Their whole getup is corney,  fabricated  and BS. Dont believe the hype except for the “Clown” part. Yeah they are straight up CLOWNS for sure. LOL

    • Jessii

      Well…. Everyone has their own little ruse to get people to feel welcomed and accepted, Slipknot has Maggots,  Gaga has monsters,  etc.   Some people just don’t have a name for their fans, but it doesn’t make the fanbase any different other than the genre.

    • Remedy Da'Reckless

      aye bra you just hatin cus the HONKY WHITEBOYS are out here makin bangers listened to across the world and yo ass canyt even get play in yo own city, your the perfect definition of a hater, you on here dissin some people you dont know shit about… stop hatin.. they got they own swagg and people that like it ok let them do them while you do you and get off they f uckin d icks cus really yall seem like some c ock riders right now… 

  2. Zach Campbell

    Well take this into consideration, all the Psyopathic Rydas beats are straight JACKED they even talk about it in a couple of the Rydas songs. “The only love I got is this gat in yo back when I’m jackin yo track to make it ten times more phat” – Anybody Killa one of the 6 Psy. Rydas group which consists of ICP, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa. Those fools should consider it an honor if they even DID sample their shit. Also a side note to the people that hate online like the guy below me, E-bangers. You might as well be a window banger. If you don’t know what it is then ask somebody chump.

  3. Chino

    Damn, thats alot of samples they could have at least reached out……. Them dudes will pay these people half of what there asking for and they’ll go away, not an ICP fan in the slightest but they got plenty of money

      • Skinny

        psychopathic rydas have stolen beats for a reason, its not an official album, have u not heard no ceilings by lil wayne, almost the same predicament, and on top of that the instrumentals are credited, this is a dif situation, but the samples from midnight syndicate, yeah thts wack, icp should fork out some cash, even if midnight syndicates shit isnt good enough to be makin cash, whoever stole the beats for icp obviously thought it is. “all i really want is that monaeey”

    • Patrick Noe

      Theres a few.  There was a post on faygo luvers a few months ago about this before this blew up showing what samples in what songs came from them.  They are in the wrong on it.  Theres almost whole tracks stolen from midnight syndicate.  Im a fan of both psychopathic records and midnight syndicate.  Im sure if they would have asked them for permission it wouldnt have been much at all to pay for the samples.  Also there supposed to have people working at the label to look out for shit like this.  Its too easy now a days to get samples cleared so they should have.  

  4. Aron Sikninja

    they just mad cause icp made more money with the samples then they did! consider it a compliment assholes if your shits good enough to be ona psychopathic record then be happy dont try and dip in their pockets cause they made more money off your shit than you did!! ima look these ppl up and make a whole album with samples from they music sue me bitchez this juggalo aint gotta dime!!! FTW JWO 4 life

    • Chino

      LOL, this is why I hate ICP, there fans are retarded, even if they made some shit I liked I’d never cop to it in public for fear of getting confused with one of you assholes.

      “Be Honored they stole your shit”

      I’ma break in your crib and steal your make up bag, be honored I took the time

      • Jessii



        THEIR fans.

        Oh and not ALL fans are F*CKING Stupid. Its only the ones that get their dirty panties in a bunch when people talk bad about their “Gods” ICP. a fat f*ck and a talentless drug addict.

        That is all.

        Continue to sh*t on these stupid juggalos.

        And I hope ICP gets sued so bad they HAVE to quit.


      • Patty Tackett

        Ummm…yeah Madrox isnt on drugs you rued piece of shit….hes a diabetic who lost weight to get healthy now lay off his back!!

      • Andrea Patten

        you know their passing a law that every time you say “Retarded”  you get a fine, maybe you should think before you act, the fans of ICP are without a doubt more respectful to people they don’t even know but then here you are acting like your the shit guess what buddy YOUR NOT so grow some manners and leave people alone , someday you will say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you’ll be a piece of the pavement I’m sure.

      • Ntr

        I have to break in here and so there is any such retarded such fine being pushed…especially online.

        Freedom of speech. Learn about it. I too am a fan of ICP and Psychopathic in general to say they are more respectful to people is a stretch. It’s about half-and-half. A lot of juggalos are PoS’ these days that respect nothing.

  5. Keith Brickz

    LOL im sure the juggalos are furious about this LOLOLLOLOL…anybody ever seen the episode of work-a-holics…str8 up juggahoes LOL

    • Andrea Patten

      Do not judge people by the music they listen to. I can assure you that more then half of the people that listen to ICP are kind people who will help someone they don’t even know .. would you? I doubt it, because if you have the nerve to post a rude comment like this then you MUST be an ass hole who doesn’t  care about anything or anyone but you and your things, get a life and stop being a dick. Thanks.

  6. Octavio Sousa

    did icp really steal any glory from a band that makes music you’ll hear at spirit stores once a year? ppl are only talkin shit cuz its icp. it sounds like u are the fuckin stupid ones.



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  8. Mikeandnichole Greiss

    i listened to Raven’s Hollow and really they took crows from that for one of there songs, and people commenting, just because you dnt like icp or there music doesnt mean you should hate on the people, such as i hate JB but i dont hate on his fans

    • AllenOrcutt IsABitch

      actually it was very smart… they made a lot of money using those samples. what they paid back was a small amount of what they made and are still making. Also Midnight Syndicate gained thousands of new listeners. WinWin situation for all parties.

  9. Pedro Norezespormi

    all rappers use samplers and almost all without permission, this is outrageous, necro also was demanded of used a sampler , this kind of artist are asshole , because in the hip-hop all people use samplers , this is cause of indignation and  anger, you may not like clowns, but in cases like this should be against these assholes that tomorrow can be eminem, black milk or any other
    Quizás quisiste decir: puede que no te gustan los payasos , pero en casos como este hay que estar en contra por que mañana puede ser eminem, black milk o cualquier otro

    Escribe texto o la dirección de un sitio web, o bien, traduce un documento.
    traducción del español al inglés

    • Joseph Kelly

      not all hip hop producers use samples and the ones that do the artists record label gets them cleared so they dont get sued.

  10. WickedJuggatots Unite Contests

    how gay is this you don’t see other rappers crying over other bands sampling their music…they should feel special a group as badass as psychopathic records would even consider sampling anything they have. and midnight whatever is so popular then why have I never heard of them till now.

  11. Skye Clayton

    All artists use samples of someone else’s music at one time or another, and even without permission, it is still legal as long as it is under a certain length. But on another note, even if parts of some tracks “sound similar”,  they are talking about older tracks and albums, and I’m sure ICP didn’t steal shit!!!

    • Joseph Kelly

      wrong there is no legal way to sample without getting it cleared that under a certain amount of time thing is total BS and i know this because im a certified audio engineer

      • scullyson

        Bwaaaaaaaah, Ronald Mcdonald??? (((LMAO)))   Yeah mike these jokers Right here..smh….I gotta admiot you hittin the nail on the munfukan head describin these misfits to a munfukan “t’. Nothin more than a Fukin Circus act and shyt. lol

      • mike malarkey

        i aint ya fuckin homie u fake ass marky mark malibus most wanted lookin b itch take that finger and stick it up ur ass u bozo

  12. Allen Orcutt

    i have listened to all songs listed in this copyright lawsuit and am an avid icp listener. i have studied music IN COLLEGE and have come to the conclusion that this lawsuit is ludicrous. nothing on midnight syndicates albums sounds anything like the music in whole or in part of anything icp has produced.

    on another note you people that talk crap on the Internet are stupid as f uck

    quote for the day… fighting on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win your still retarded

    • AllenOrcutt IsABitch

      you obviously don’t listen to psychopathic music. Haunted Nursery Rhyme is used for the intro to Mirror Mirror. Ravens Hollow is the intro to Tales From the Lotus Pod… the Halls of Insurrection’s bass line is sampled (can’t think of the track off hand), and Vampyre is used in Hells Pit intro… Juffalo!

  13. Whoozat Juggaloz

    Whoop Whoop! No FN way!  Our Fathers jacked beats and made amazing creations to feed us kids?  Hey we GANGSTA yo… JRB and our Fathers gotta do whatever it takes to keep the Family happy and not hungry.  You all know what happens when millions of psychopathic wicked clowns don’t get fed right? 

    We didn’t ask to be pulled up into this HIP HOP HOOD where it’s disturbing to see people with no education of the Psychopathic Records following, talking smack like they know whats good in the hood.  Juggalos are a Worldwide movement made up of diversified cultures of all colors and ages.

    However, if you are too busy hatin – this explains why yo pants be saggin…  Right off the top of my head TECH N9NE, ROC and HOPSIN are just three of the many black Juggalo artist I have mad love for. If you have skills go find out who these Juggalos are.

    And for the uneducated black archie bunker, this honky or you wrote “honkeys”, well this honkey has got a spring for your ass!  Our Woodstock for weirdos is called THE GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS.  Go check it out on Youtube.  11 Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos has got a few people you might recognize.

    Much Love to all The Juggalo Family and to all the haters WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!  > MMFWCL

  14. AllenOrcutt IsABitch

    Before you fake ass JUFFALOS say shit…. listen to the music.

    Haunted Nursery Rhyme is used for the intro to Mirror Mirror. Ravens Hollow is the intro to Tales From the Lotus Pod… the Halls of Insurrection’s bass line is sampled (can’t think of the track off hand), and Vampyre is used in Hells Pit intro… Juffalos!

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