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This b**ch. 72 days. 72 motherf**king days.

I knew she should have worn a dark black dress at her wedding. Kim Kardashian.

That bitch gives hoes a bad name. I like watching those retards prance on red carpets like they don’t know why their famous. Since everyone acts like they have amnesia, let me remind n***as.


That hoe is Queen of the $Team & doesn’t even know it. 72 days. Your whole family is fake except Bruce Jenner. I heard about your dumbass brother saying ya’ll were a private family. Man, SHUT THE F**K UP. What the f**k is PRIVATE about the Kardashians? Maybe the bathroom breaks between shows.

The Kardashians LOVE the camera. Kim more than most. Yo, Kris Jenner is putting all you rap n***as to shame. She’s like Too $hort for pop culture. Kris Jenner’s pimp hand is STRONG. Her bottom bitch got hitched & she probably told her she had 90 days to rectify that s**t. She came through like the stallion she is, with 18 days to spare. 72 days.  All that hoopla & rigamarole. Bulls**t.

Kim Kardashian crushed the hopes & dreams of ho’s everywhere. An Kris Humphries.  Kris Muthaf**kin’ Humphries. THIS n***a. (Hey Jigsaw, quit editing my s**t or I’m going to…(EDIT by Jigsaw – LMAO).) Kris Humphries might as well walk around wearing a big red nose and some clown shoes.

His only redeeming quality is that he smanged Kim Kardashian. So did Ray-J. ON TAPE and he didn’t have to buy her a two million dollar ring. n***a, I would PAY to hear n***as trash talk Kris Humphries NEXT NBA season. I’m sure they’ll be some jewels dropped on his crown of dumbness. Yo, he can’t even control his own wedding video. The s**t might go into syndication. He might turn on TBS and see himself in that white monkey suit marrying a hobot. n***a tried to turn a KimKardashian into a housewife.

I have a lot of material, but I gotta save some for my radio segment. In closing I would like to say, if Kim Kardashian is your role model, you’re a hoe. And if you’re a dude who lusts after Kim, I ain’t mad at you, but I’ll take Kourtney.

P.S. F**k Nick Cannon. Just because.

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