Signs The World Is Coming To An End: NYPD Bumrush Occupy Movement


Well, it looks like it has finally hit the fan. I’ve been watching the tweets and the net and I’ve seen that the cops are going in on the Occupyers of The Streets. In particular New York….it seems the whole movement was raided last night. From what I understand, the cops disbanded the protesters last night in a violent manner even though they were peaceful. Also, they completely prevented the mainstream media from covering the happening. It wasn’t all missed though. Here is a video somebody shot with their cell phone. I wonder if Russell Simmons or Kanye West was there when it went down.

Apparently, they can come back, but without their tents and other things that will help them effectively protest. Yall not gonna ruin the holiday season revenue,” says the city.

Click the pic to read about Lupe Fiasco speak on his support of the Occupy Movement.

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