Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross To Sign Trina? Drake Got Beef?


I am not sure where Trina is right now in the music game. I believe that she is struggling a bit, to get some traction. BUT, on the flip slide, I heard she is getting a lot of help from a friend – Rick Ross. In a recent interview, I understand that Trina explained that the BAWSE is helping her on her new album. I find that pretty cool. Why? Trina kind of put Ross on. Do you remember this video?


So, the person that told me this info continued on and told me that The Baddest Chick, Trina, is also in the earliest stages of signing to Ross’ budding MMG. I honestly wonder if this is a good move or a not. I know Trina has a good skill set on the mic, but I wonder if she’s not a part of the Lil Kim / Foxy era? What do I know? Nothing. Good luck!


I heard something minor about Drake. But somebody told me that some folks are looking to “press” Drake in the “streets.” Apparently some lyrics were taken as subliminal disses to certain individuals. I hope not. We know Drake isn’t about that, even though he can talk a bit tough on the mic. We’ll see. (By the way, this has nothing to do with Ludacris.)

Drake looking like “Do something.”

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