Hip-Hop Rumors: A New Notorious Movie? Has Rick Ross Lost One?


I have not a clue how this would work. But I am hearing there is a sequel to “Notorious” that is in preproduction! How does this happen since clearly Biggie dies in the first one? I have no clue. Maybe it will deal more with the Junior Mafia early years? That has been suggested to me. Nevertheless, there are appears to be a new version of the Biggie’s saga about to be told.


According to KarenCivil.com, Pill may have been dropped from Rick Ross’s bubblin’ roster at Mayback Music Group. This isn’t official, but it certainly is a rumor and this site is big to be saying as such. I don’t think rappers actually get “dropped” these days…but maybe? KC says he’s not wearing his chain anymore either!

Here is what he said recently, according to TheBoombox.com.

“I’m just getting back into the swing of things and trying to get things back popping the way they’re supposed to be,” he tells The BoomBox. “I don’t have no shots for anybody who’s ever worked with me. I’m just doing me. I’m doing my thing right now. I got a second cover of XXL, I’m on the BET cypher, you’ve seen me overseas in London with Mark Ronson, you’ve seen me on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ twice, you’ve seen me on ’106 &Park’ twice. You’ve never seen that before I had a management issue.”

There has been no comment since.

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