Breaking News: Philly Rapper Tommy Hill Shot And Killed

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Tommy Hill was shot and killed in Philadelphia earlier this week, sources have confirmed with

The rapper, born John Wilson, was a member of the well-known hip-hop group R.A.M. Squad.

A source provided with the details surrounding the shooting of Tommy Hill.

The source told that robbery was the motive, although there could have been any number of reasons behind his murder, due to his criminal background and alleged association with the mob.

Late Thursday, early Friday morning, the rapper was coming out of a bar named Reuben’s Marc, which is located on Stenton Avenue and Mount Pleasant in the Uptown area of Philadelphia.

“He was in a bar having a good time and afterwards they shot him and robbed him,” a confidential source told “The dudes he was with shot back, security came out and it was hectic situation.”

Although it cannot be confirmed, the source said that Tommy Hill was alive after the shooting on Thursday.

But he died from his wounds in a Philadelphia hospital, sometime over the weekend.

The Richard Allen Mob [R.A.M. Squad] was a popular Philadelphia hip-hop group in the 80s and 90s who recorded with notables like Nelly and Sticky Fingaz.

The R.A.M. Squad, named after the notorious Richard Allen Homes housing projects, featured group members Tommy Hill, Boy Backs, Suave, 6’9 and Wiz Gam.

The group released albums like Operation Lock The City (1996), Thee Album Regardless (1997) and their major label debut, Universal’s 2001’s Random Access Money.

The album contained R.A.M. Squad’s best known single, “Ballers (Up In Here).”

Despite his career as a rapper, Tommy Hill ran into serious legal trouble in 2003, during a federal investigation into the R.A.M. Squad’s involvement in the city’s cocaine trade.

In 2003, Tommy Hill was charged with selling 51 grams of crack cocaine to a government witness, who was wired with a recording device provided by the FBI.

Tommy Hill faced a minimum of 10 years in prison, so he pleaded guilty to the charges.

Tommy Hill was allegedly a close associate of Philly mob boss skinny Joey Merlino and he had stated that the FBI had been seeking information from him, in relation to Merlino’s activities.

Over the years, Tommy Hill was dogged by accusations that he cooperated with the government, which did not help his rap career.

He was also involved in the city’s first “weapons of mass destruction” trial.

Tommy Hill, who had allegedly relocated to Atlanta, seem to be poised to make a comeback in December of 2010.

His reputation was seemingly cleared by group member Boy Backs, who inexplicably admitted on camera that he had been the informant who had originally set Tommy Hill up.

That paved the way for Tommy Hill to launch a new career as Tommy Butta and a new record label named 34th Floor Entertainment.

He then returned to the headlines, for consistently attacking fellow Philadelphia rap star Beanie Sigel.

In one clip, Tommy Hill can even be seen in front of top Beanie Sigel’s New Jersey apartment taunting the rapper.

In February Tommy Hill was arrested for attacking a woman at a Northwest Atlanta Wal-Mart.

In the end, however, the source said that robbery was most likely the sole motive.

“He thought he was where he was safe and it turned ugly on him,” the source told “To make it worse, word is they were like ‘what was this rat ass ni**a doing up here in the first place and he got his stuff on?’ It is what it is. It could have been anything. He told on the Mob.

“People sleep on Uptown and that part of the city. [But] this is the same place Cassidy got into his situation, its just as bad as North and South Philly. He thought he was in an area where he was safe,” the source concluded to

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115 Responses to “Breaking News: Philly Rapper Tommy Hill Shot And Killed”

  1. EDOGZ818

    Hmmmm, gonna have to wait on El Bark for the scoop on this , but random robbery , & he had armed security shooting back?

    >>>Not buying it unless El Bark says so.

    My thought…he was targeted!

  2. CooL_KiD_305

    I remember this dude from WSHH, nigga was talking real reckless bout state prop I hope his mouth ain’t get him killed.

  3. MrTroyMercy

    Lowkey I ain’t from philly but this cat had a lot frienmes and enemies . When you are classified a snitch in any hood , your basically sentenced to death . This cat was a well known shet talker and flosser . The story sounds suspect as hell . They rob and killer – then his people shoot back and don’t hit nobody ?

    But youtube and wssh done got quite a few cats killed . Flossing , and talking shet in a city that most of the people wanna murk you and come back and kick dirt on you .

    I remember when El Bark was beefing with this dude on this site or maybe somebody was magging … + nikkas prolly celebrating and partying right now .. my pops stay out that and hated dude and didn’t even know why ..

    See for every wssh fame , you get a rosemo and a tommy hill .. them cats get themselves murked so ain’t no tear cming out my eye smh. Something ain’t rite but this story but like I said he was sentenced to death and was talking shet about cats … I knew they was gonna get him once he really touch down in philly.

  4. DezBundy

    How is putting the guy who shot you in jail the same as testifying against your “FRIENDS!” Rappers are retarded…. The government is billing us whether we use the system to our advantage or not, so why not utilize it in cases like this? People be smart niggaz watch too much damn T.V. and look where it got this niggaz. Thinking you can out other drug dealers and politicians once you got nabbed. Then thinking it’s cool to come back to Philly like it’s sweet? Well at least no one can say you pointed out the guys who did it this time…SMH  

    • EL_BARK

      If you talking about sigel…

      Sigel didnt put nobody in jail..
      A cop set sigel up, and pass his gun off to his homie,
      While he was iff duty.

      The cop went to sigel block to catch a fair one.
      You know how cops gets, i whip ya ass type shet.
      The cop went to sigel block confronted him,
      And ask for a fair one. Sigel then started beating the cop up.
      When the cop friend seen sigel hit the cop, the cop friend shot sigel twice in his legs.

      The cop set him up to get shot. Thats why the cop friend shot him in the leg, ( they planned it)
      to avoid attempted murder charges.

      Others cops at the time then took sigel homie handcuffed him in a patty wagon with his arm behind his back, and drove around speeding on purpose.
      And slamming on the breaks. While he wasnt in a seat belt.
      Sigel homie fell the wrong way. And became paralyzed and still in a wheel chair to this day.

      Sigel and his man both sued the city. Sigel homie got like a million and some change.

      Sigel didnt get no bread, but in exchange for the harrasment sigel got his pending drug tarfficking cases dropped., by the city not to further pursue no civil action.

      Sigel never snitched. the cops came to the scence and the shooter and the off- duty cop waited for the cops to arrived. They all work at the same district.
      The cops book the cop friend for shooting sigel, but he wasnt worry caused he knew he would beat it. That why sigel then sued for systematic harassment,
      Cause the cops knew what they was doing.

      The same cops are the ones that book sigel on his guns case in 03,
      That eventually sent him to the feds.

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yeh especially after. All that yapping and snitching … you would’ve thought dude would’ve been on his shet .after deaths threats the dude still treated life like a game smh… you sapp you ever drop that album?

  5. MrTroyMercy

    hold up!!!!!! ” he was in the bar having a good time after they robbed and shot him” wtf ?????? Is this nikka dead or not. Or is this damn typo… a nikka get shot and robbed then goes back and have a good time in a club ??????smh

      • MrTroyMercy

        You right homie. I was toasted off patrone , and misread that shiet lol… them letters looked wrong as fucck to me lol..I can see clearly nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Lol

      • MrTroyMercy

        Yo momma you mark azz nikka…

        richard p sickert… now tell me i aint paid!

      • MrTroyMercy

        Here is my reply homegirl.
        >XN<¡.ýêjÞŽ Rvu(žM³ÃÅrzu2³¨ÒE‘*-¸(ñ3U!õæÇT.iÂL,}©sZ„Š§ŽD¹J”ô×1ƒÕŒüÖcPƒÌ~6˜i8Ȧt 2ùªo¨È—™ü²HSMÖìs·txÚíž^õ:í‹î´‰:O,« @°fÏQŽò}i‹@¸#œ–Yƒd–1?àI:Ç~x_:ü ¿-W¨ÈG?ô#P¶ Ö¹µ.|tñNÖÉ–b³šPˆð¸©Åž_XO肃DÐ}{¹ø}’NÌÐáQéð:ýP7›»¼¢¤9ÞÀ/¶ûxñÓ4]Pé»HÙÇbm”â,?C ÍW&Ðu0¯’)õk‹³¡¥Cq µöÙÝ %§&ð1ˆÄ‚‰¹‘Ÿ–«—*,¨áÝr£1¼åª‚*†•zÜy>Ø›‹I2–Й„Ò¡8›°QÛ3¤¿ùç%ý1ŠÞÒá%þ©uã¥IƒêáÔ^š0’ýU*jumÞ»`Ö®RXðgsâÔ=X&¹‰âeWWd|ß… õÜ–«%šÛÆ}Žñ8Ác(«Ôû’=ÂüQÄY/¿J–‘ß‚ø·à—0XþÖ<Â_{]º—–sj%/ƒ{Q§Þ@ʺ€«V2¾ÁÉZ¹â&r|›}Fº±*ò}g8½ýþ =òc2.W¬¼ì~Z±Ò&®×åÃBe~MX;ሴìd]ÀʹïVªƒœ”ν€dp½ú!/®ºü‚ÐÐdî¦Ç¨WY¯kÏ,W}µnÃ/t-Z¬ÛÐb•Ž)á„b/ÂóËMUE}"t4Iðl•-ÑÃKÎ5ÕÛ‘õnùƒÃWª ôüWâ1‘…µ–µ–hò†O(7Ô+a6½|´ÇH@ƺE&ææž./‰–Ñר1÷«h*™HŸy®û—§Â5úØWp†Bvÿ –‰óiïø2¬ uÖšÞ²‚ë¡ø÷Š sªÀt^[Œ6Ù¥»4†½Ÿ–..öç9†¤®ÐË}PQ¸Ëû! ÿX¾Þ¶û¹yXÒg%H7ɯ¿bè¬ÀϹ9ÖÚ§ÚE@4o±SÉ œ™Åî‡Åìš?78#vJÙ±érÏ6Ãùüxfù5©¯°=4œ•dÁúÚ[n}}õúÊöµ½ ¢“ÅsšVBGuÛž‰¥›K™ó*žùþ’vpÖÆÀàΰpÇä(h9È>rÓGµ3′.;ϸšÜÝÒé7|½”Üq8dzÒo¼~¼»(fω‘¬KäÚk“7-K2ü,¯8èT»¿ä®àšÝÿƒh6ÛŸ<Är?t–õù¨šÂV“™^®FZfû`ëúcÚ#à!âíËá5UŽjéWÀ“ª¨ðŒž,O| Á`þæ Oú<ì&៚w™NËÔÓåésŽ¦Ó¨‹®‹ß¹ªÎ¼bÓD gšpÅ‘nJݯBÜÏîe¢§2Ä“o¶-æ¶K€’ÐK‘Ò"87| ¹å³Fäz1˜4HÑó¼ß7#¾LyžêAqË’X7GŸ¼f7“¾%yÙ 8caùIV¨Œ`«¨þ Cßâá$.¾³cñ`9øKŸ³=-ÓÑIVpèvú`¾éºÃŸ,!j? IyxVÚnícÚ±Ç ê£‡›gÁê…ÿç.³xËH„?„FËES2íÑ,&zvþ;§lç_²’ä:-2èņl %núÑd¿‰>ÿx÷å}MÔ‘`õtÏkª›”¥4ÛÍ·BŸµ¦Ò–~ûÕ÷ǘÀK-hCÖ†.&®¿Edý¨´eúS„æCPˆ¤RÕØ®ÌõŒž«U-3òÎbUS‚úÕÛ±)C‰ñË¥œøxø±à|•,Ä«Ú!’Tž‰ØÞtUõM™Fâý¨‘ò ™óS¾H½[ÅÇÓ,u<-ÍÊŸ2&q×É”LôDß¾Óh3‰Ê%$:ϯ ¥ Çl›gÕ.Ǭ¥C.²3`ž û.ä‚ál°{ôÇ„TwY÷¬?¡ªéÖ*¶¥þÓ²}ô(€LaAB§‡LOU£ú™ñj²K)pÀ{J©üSyH³sÊœ%®[)O‰dåËÜKAûP°”¼Å ¤EíCµòF™>b’ÆòÆÎþöÆ^½¾žæÚV&K‘¹`²>ª„.<='Å,•0•hÃTŸçˆ5Iùi±‘4•·õ°jÆ›õz?b¿7Ž`“χüÁ£X3½øËsû&nBAœ²XN=”§#îä1&ù/BšQ–ÝÝ:¢–“½úÝ*%v}u|Ñ9þðEJX9íaΩó½K4|®)ñrú.}F…T™ $ž)’ÄŒìÙ©q‰ø[åÁÐèp B´ÐŽfÕþ5[µ²NTqµ×Ùú:¯°ÎÕ’ájã›j©µ¶Ê0QìñâaÝrÊ,ʬ>8lav€‹Î%} ¢ÝthOqwœ²”lÈzrÏtíË!Qú,й(ñ§Ðwô7Œä*¦Ê”½y:;L̵‰©6ÁÆ‹hœš~”Éηœál·o~·/0¡qQ¯éÅL¯gžÎïõŒ‘â^ëòNÍD:9Rv ÍîAÛ5htia0Õìjã[ászçyí ÜúÃC«¹]’Á$ýÔÕøïcÈòœ¼å»~xðc½^W¹j@Õ80ÁÓ;ÔJi¿TwùX—oÚLögåLˉ¤‡ ‰â ÌÒ©`,qîF>0î;áí]ð€56Ò”k‘4²ïøån;`B¯Ø`$úÊYQƾh<7Òó<Ûé®–h77±?G5˜ÌšÇ £c9ÞÏðAŸÚÙ3®¡sAmÑ=ŠÌaðno”ýÑÓ…á!¾"Aeë…”.áÞ#çBZ’¿2Lrý‹&‹R¤iœ5kA—HL A…ü(Š“qßåèüX=¸µ„XÁc'þ €ëKýǦùÍüÓpß$¶à“Â|L1Ÿ§t‘Z~oÅò{‹Ëï-.¿·°üÞâò{ûùö–¿·jù)†.zÉ:ñ¯ƒq}ØÖ»#Lx¡ÃA¸²ñOˆÔ¹“°–çkïý×¹çLÙ¦²! ÁbNðü=f¯¿Ã£07”¹9Íw²¹]/¥i«B‰¯£)ƒ‡Áq¢ÈqÌÝd›xó}M6v8µtò={f!]ЂD„¬h?Ä=D»žH•æ¡ Š½WJ¿—0Á ‰^.ýüÏÆ¿àÕ̽B4+‚»êæÁ»™«_ò qh¢m¨þ’Ðx=jβPV#(ü–{–oóO· 7 E%ÝúÛr.·YMÃ3=eµä ‡¡ŸÀz}pâ *^˜H6 |áò¤ $¯9âŽ=„w™CÆ9KácšËOShr“‰éªJš næýþ»‘ ´1/ðuãpuW:¬r3TÄáÓ{åÆÉ0ªA7°toª¤ãJºê-t'8üüg½8·üçº8—½¯‡€¯[$ Ä•Ÿ„èVaÚ3†i“°ÿW~•mn¿ÅlVäh"YN𠢶®E÷šúã uGìÈŒPÖ¹ŒcÞ¨#6ý1“‡DY” 6£ôÚ v¢Ñ±Í "œ h;q~bŽùûìD GG”ºâýÐŒîMêcJ€tú¶ Â1 sbc{ðjäRRd(ÑhØ ´k†°üƒ59WÐåoÀæá»ÈõDɪúœ{lHÉÊCx‚ë^¦çxäy€-®§ƒï@@ÇÂËVÐz@òégMÌÝœp3Î䬇D“”t0‡‚§†ƒ %Ïaˆ)ŒÇ¯=²Gtšì›4C’Xèµ@w‡ªqzÕ¡Ë)åȹëVK ?rÀ@ß°ÒcUÇ“¸d4¥ºq€£Fæ€éʸ¸SǤ{õ:›àé@yÉIÿ9¬K9ÕF“¯*]ßrY>®úîgÇ…¹¢Ps»c47€‹ÖÀÇ;Cœ™ò²ÀÈÈCm˜uNÃsp¾ ’àó(MMÇݱ7cÛŒFïDoI›@Q,L<ö €û¢„ ö–"<ݪn5ñ âÞÁõjÆðI^›ƒÄe®Owþ 7Æ‘ED®ID—9ˆÒsšú—¢‰W„1ºî´E¯‹õ@l*XA…yÈ‘“!‡qˆLx€ [$ BÉmv‘›Â8Pÿµ÷xà)Ì…J‘€ÕÉÈ“ºÖ¦ïrA ¢€QÊkS4nŠÄrØ’XmU« ä#³O8kžÒ%eŠ7C¤-V!±$—ù:ÃË;1E´)g¸%~çù¬S0›Z©}à›œö­ µö]™]ú¦*º„£WGùxW¡øÌ# ‹k¼bQ“”)}Ÿct;…(Òw}`¬÷Uv’Ð}¬ô-h.’ƒÂ6Dib!c‰5ïÊ %)K‘õñbTÔ¾’ò-0otÂÑ®xÆdz:î!+WIö«ŠOXè‹K·$;E‡c‡´¤¼T@‹nѪRžæð€«ÆªÂZô’`ÒÀDí06″™üPói½Ójê’ Œãæ® )S*<†ã4| œ÷ŒÆûïˆÄfPŒâ_˜=0C0Äô¥¾%Ô¡+š¨©«1ô&O½¢gÔªdt&ÝÄcÝ ÅuÖ8mR¿lýâ’Z$3ÌuIÊìH`y²'E?CÕuy ¢š…1팟È!'6†óˆ½4-ǧÐñ(^*§—ײ6z¬Mƒ1•–KÀÖFʆ:…å+·ü‰Õ¸äæ¤_ d(ˆØs²NeIÄaïHÍÇO”AVAˆ2‹g“ÐC©šQ¶z¦‰+£ ¤0N>cM¼çP °4ê²ÊÙsb;²ºìBÎ ‚Qa]ºþ=rêMJعðrê8… ¡#º–©=ås¦ƒ… þ6$~¦••„|ˆL@´³À P”¤*ßÀþQ”ºš sj{ð?” ‘Bõ.‡€éHåÚË€?r¡À °Ï¾+ìEÄÂõÈñ•ÕÁdÂ{‚ÉQ(™à0¼OÆ¥@ ¾üDØ?b¡&™¦+DÀ“QÀáv1»ú%Ù‚è£õÊŸ@ª9`e^TÀl? éƒ]«ôÜ{è#ÉXžð3Æ2!iS©’@VsÚ|‘x@ÚÀZ?Àb#’NhcßÆh†VÄô§œš–6ÐóeN¡¦´ä@òuäÃ(î¡BbÛŽ2W†>Rt*$ œXI™® +y*é:ZN ìÁVÆ…r4aJa‡ðêUvîg’*«&e)~©HœÎ,nÐR•]n-IÄ2˜›6Çפ(÷i;³°P¥û‚x²Cú~JXé¸tJñDÏ€§„èkšNˆ¼sì“s–¡S_8tHÅBíƒ|)¸%vF]Ÿ©B2’wÈ1ºžD¼)VtD _%÷ÆÎ5j$mäžh•?‘ŸGÂ_„î{×!Fªpmx€y+ I;Ä»ÄÐÈ°jO×Ù„ÛG˜ªï”mG ú oë¤z €êÒ‡©›°º±UŸÑ»«Ø˜ð›Î8…æo€Å‰Ò…ÌFÕ‘6Ó)e} d6Š^X–ÒYpˆøÙ†]Õ’¢ˆt„+”eÆB[StBP&O’I’.‡TYÔ`U€Ì˜Ò@@€ ¡’gŒ>–Ú%Î jØ›ÀRñÉ•RÞ/…MÕÛ eû‹•«Ï’Z&ýÃF•ÜA+MÉÔc”y„¬ÜTkòz ÜSÚ$³Úk!ÛaFÉã z3ÚvÉw ˆõiZ€Á ±cÁ(@‡É¼™¯&m§¾Á2″µ0…‹/V–}0tîÚ¸¤Åz¥®ô…äp„›ˆ d¸:Éw@&ϤŒŒ€iŠ3«têœKŠ´´¢t2å0Ñ ´Ä媸¼DÝyŒ*¾`>ÀïŠDï!wÞG¤HçPUxôKéC^éŒJ07oÊ,KhC8¢Ï„ô^Ò˜óΩKžNyÁ Í·äÊS ÙT’0µ—Ð]?Dµ’Wh ´Øµ¡@.ôùQFÂfZs1 œíy›ê„”†Vª´¸´ReN8$“lìï×íè‰BÔcÔ”ÔÂAQF(áBAÍÒìÅbG!Z}ôBë]¬’¢JËÀb û§ÌÅÀ} ä’rЂøýÇO”x9Κ”zÎÉGÌŠ4*êŠ6Q ¦õÄÔâÈu¯rR_4þ(”÷TD°b24#Yƒ¤Ì˜Ä³˜ 5%‚#—’KŽš‹QvfóÓŽ{~BÒÎPor¬ÄÅ”Š —®ô•¤$˜Ù¹:^V‹+€Ù‰Rœ¼86‹É”I¬º’¶4’*ªƒŽ…G¡Ö‘ó„°½Sþ“™•š:?q ‘C+“˜±5¢_†‡‹‘$QæÍø# q”¸4ZM’”aVr¸¬¹˜¡Â ˆžˆ3RÆ‹*º&šÏ™æhîp.p9kˆ8Œô+Ù~Ö1…!t)ÑK”±‰çàöƒè—Æ›S/ô^`˜–›æÓÙ~喇Äï•ŒSâìιä&¢ë‰+ÀGˆÌ/ëú“äBY8½¹%aFfÖÛ¬PTÃéé”⻄xã”mH¾™øHkŠ}ãÃöÅÅ42Xù¦;‰ðú¼ŒµR¤uK¾Å¶ÙZ<˜ ¬ºµl¶¾[ïÀ? ÊF`m„”Šøê:¶¸T%‚w¿†‰ç¡_çWs¨Õ=™Þjßv;Lf¼s~Õ’¸H¨Ï™8¬=xÓíöºL21)ÅžY8˜í¤‚ï€-¨vÇ=Lë}×Ù@" h=ÇãvY^ŧÊÉ) ¡‡I”ÈÇR§{mìímï b~eö–•AÉ{8¾P”‘Àð]”@×:’w0&3qcÉ4Ž^ÞxBüÊ¥¤`9«Ù>`«›UM¾6ö÷w ˜ýmv f»l °ŽgU™LÀ4ðŒÙq)W:è!£l§Û—’—™¬gÒEw¦ea˜e«4Ì€‡ææÆ:+Š‡®ß7]Œ¼Žî€’ÛõV *W*Ž¯¶ü~hz6]èâã]E ]Ðw ‰ªÙwyT¾`8ùk„JZ.(T‹îprä Ü^:B|Qó5ÅS¢;%î•D =Êøí¼ÚÂ[‚^ýØÆ˃ôŽžƒ¼7m»ç_øV¥ô« Ž@ìðÈ‚Y¯Ð] Áfnã˜. ÝMKV*¸!«4ÖÓo¥%¾ÌŽ¬_ G

      • cbrownja

        The robbery was to clearly identify Tommy. He didn’t pay his bar bill? Then out he goes with the ID behind him! Nuff than Snuff!

  6. TheBoxcarHobo

    I remember they had a video on here of him doing a radio interview in philly a while back, and he was speaking on the whole snitchin situation. I knew then that he was gone get murked.

  7. 1brooklyndoll

    well if u kno like i kno u can’t b up at the next nigga crib tlk reckless espeshna known nigga thn go get drunk n think u safe in the same town…im sorry…he was sleepin..

  8. Anthony Wormley

    I remember this guy from WorldStar, I guess he finally got what he wanted, to be another dead rapper who got killed over some dumb shit. I guess he had got caught up in a NIGGA MOMENT.

  9. EL_BARK

    Walks into the room whistling……

    Look for north dollas TX……….

    And with a big smile on my face…… See

    I told you nigggah. “I told ya”. ” i told ya”

    My exact words….
    ” if that niggah come back to philly. He is going to get killed”

    Now an apology is in order.
    I believe you called me a fraud. And a fronter….
    And said i needed more people…….

    Lmao 2x

    Yeah its a rap for him………… And niggah aint rob him
    Tommy aint have shet niggah wanted.

    Yo greg stop posting shet you seen from world star hip hop.
    That rat aint go to sigel apartment, in new jersey. That niggah was frauding then and been frauding ever since he came home.
    I would say its fuk up, cause i dont really condone black on black crime.

    But he bought this shet on himself. Trying to re-establish his career as a rapper,
    Making videos, calling out real street niggshs….

    And ratting not once but 2 times…
    Then He got major players caught up…..
    Then got the nerve to come home, and pop shet.
    While niggas is doing, 30 years bids.???
    Behind the infamous “ram squad snitch.”
    These niggah was so stupid, that they told on each other,
    Prolly got trick by the feds, dumb stupid motherfuckers.
    Thats why back boy still im hiding. And i bet tommy getting 40 years,
    Was all a ploy, to by him time, while he was bidding, so it appear he wasnt the rat, and was standing tall. All the while he spill all the beans. Then once the fed witness got hit,
    The feds just went in.

    Niggah rat every day. U a rat.
    Shut the fuk up, come home, and mind your business.
    And walk around with ya head down.
    No this niggah want cone home, and still play, “i’m ma boss”
    He got hot in atl, once he got arrested. And thought he creep ariund in philly on the low.
    Niggah got the drop on him, and hence the results…..
    Hard headed niggas dont listen………

    Fuk up to, cause i thought he was a stand up guy back in the day…..

    And the worst part, the feds used him, instead of doing ya time

    He got played, and when the feds no longer needed him, ur useless.

    No more gov checks, no more free housing,
    No more securitu or undercovers to protect ya 24/7.

    The fuk up parts is the fed knew he was going to
    Get hit….. but he was just a pawn……

    With all that said.

    Thats still somebody, dad, son, brother.
    and his pops is a cool OG bidding @ gratersfords.

  10. EL_BARK

    Another thing…….

    North dollas this 4 ya. Before i’am out to the club

    You gotta SEE what I’ve SEEN, LOOK where I’ve LOOKED
    TOUCH what I’ve REACHED , and TAKE what I’ve TOOK
    You gotta GO where I’ve GONE , WALK where I’ve WALKED
    To get where I’m at to SPEAK what I TALK

    I told ya aint no place like home to a philly niggah. Lol
    The thought of a phiily niggah being exiled from here is punishment enuff.
    He couldnt take it lol.

    Where else u going to get an cheese steak from???
    Greg cut the bullshet with your sources.
    Niggah its was prolly tommy friend who sent ya info. Lol

    Niggah got 40 years, not ten years….

    And who ever said robbery was motive is playing you.

    Or ya lieing about having a source, cause yall print the wrong information all the time.
    And cut just blame it on ya source.

    I go to rueben marc and you not going to go there and pull off a robbery.
    Its on a busy avenues. Also uptown certain areas hsve gotten bad over the last ten years.

    But its still consider middle class neghiborhood. Its just west oak lane,
    Have seen a lot of gun play, in 10 years. And that the section cassidy is from.

    Ruebens is consider mount airy, which is a step and a notch above west oak
    Lane. I wouldnt label uptown bad like north or south philly.
    Buts its gets plenty of action. In turfs wars.

    And cassidy murder case was a personal block beef.
    Between him and his allegdge crew…



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

    • cbrownja

      Yeah Talk……you keep talkin….you no better nigga that Butta was…..a theif is a theif and they come in all colors!

      • MrTroyMercy

        So he got 500 racks from you ???? I don’t mean to be up in yo bidness but Tommy or what ever his real name is wouldnt have made it to ya article it would’ve be a previous articles..that much money is too much to let a nikka take …but I’m think if this shet is true the nikka wouldv betta off alive until you recoupe’d something ..

        Thenikkas who killed him raped you otha bread too… just saying..that to much investment for any nigga without lawyers and paperwork..

      • cbrownja

        Not to worry Mr. Troy….the money was to help to fund for kids and their potential musical arts talent. John Wilson raised the hopes of us all and took it from them. I am ok…..but he was just a phoney! We had the layers and paperwork!

      • cbrownja

        of course he would have been better off alive, but the energy to recoup, the attorney fees, the negativity was not worth the peace of mind that I have and knowing that he just blew out that money and was looking for more.

  12. SDS_Overfiend

    He be aight tho… Heard dead rappers get better promotion… Seriously this Nigga was running off at the willie too much. Don’t know to much about him but this is how it goes in the hood. Can’t talk shit about Niggas and don’t expect to get seen.

  13. water_ur_seeds

    Daum thats crazy, but not suprsied, He was mad reckless… Harsh for his fam so near Christmas to.. Wheres El Bark at, sure He got some info on this…

    Why up their wackest song ‘Ballers Up In Here’ lol

    ‘Lock The City’ still gets play ‘Thee Album Regardless’ was fresh to…


  14. MrTroyMercy

    At first I was thinking if Messy Merv don’t get his ish rite he gonna be next …”then I thought , ohhhhh nnnnnooooooo they done killed alley boy that shet ain’t ordinary brah” then I realize that it was this dude and was like “damn sucks to be both of those cats “..its still a sad state in our modern society that cats kill people for something that have nothing to do with them.

    • cbrownja

      The dude robbed me blind of 500K..then has the nerve to ask for more……thanks to the “cats” that took care of butta faggot

  15. backstreet_hustler


    • EL_BARK

      Joey had nothing to do with this.

      Joey is in a half way house in florida,
      Under supervised released.

      He didnt snitch on joey, joey got book in 99 & sentenced in 2001
      And got a 12 piece.

      Tommy started ratting around late 03,
      If he would had ratted on joey, joey will still be lock up.

      This guy turn into a slime ball, and the streets wanted him.

      Not joey……..

      • EL_BARK

        Naw joey got out, around may, looking like a mini 50 cents.
        He defintely not skinny joey no more.

        He is florida with his kids, and wife,

        He got out in march and got to do 6- 12 months in a half walf house. In florida.
        He has a nice spot down there, and a job already in placed.
        He is still under supervised released.
        I doubt joey is coming back to philly.

        Gangster dont die they get chubby and move to
        Miami. Lol

    • EL_BARK

      No offense, but if u gave a guy like tommy.


      Man u deserved to get burbt for it. What were you thinking?????

      And what did he tell you, he was going to do with it???????

      Cause he got game, if u bought or believe him…..

  16. NexGin

    This has to be the least surprising story of the year.  The only thing that surprised me is that it didn’t happen sooner.  If dude did half of what he “allegedly” did to the type of people he was dealing w/…add the fact that he went online/on radio/on record running his mouth like he was untouchable….he was essentially living on borrowed time.  This dude must’ve really been feeling himself if he thought he could go back into the lion’s den wearing the Lady Gaga meat dress.  smdh.  Karma is a Hermin Cain jumpoff.

  17. EL_BARK

    “Some fournate 
    Some LESS fournate
    Some GEt IT
    Some haven it
    Some straight grabin it”

    Richard allen 
    how we do
    Richard allen
    How we do

    @ water ur seed….
    Here you GO my G!!!!!

    These dudes came a long way, when they had philly on lock.
    Back in 97….
    Smh @ tommy & boy back. shet is still an classics though…
    Although you wont find nobody banging it no more…

  18. Humbleanger

    That’s the life he lived so… and uptown may or may not be as bad as south philly, but it’s no where near as bad as north philly…dotheknowledge

    • EL_BARK


      Since when is north philly the worst section of philly???

      You make it seem like south philly is soft. And if you do the research,
      You will know that west oak lane has seem a steady increases in shooting, robberies & murders
      Ever year for the last ten years. i said up
      Above its not as bad as north or south philly. Buts it plenty of action up there.

      To be honest, their not much of a difference in city violence in the city.
      North is just as violent as west, south, or south west.
      Depending on who going to war or dictates where the bodies are.

      The only difference between north & south is north is just bigger and the block are spread out and wider….

      Half of north or from 8 th street on down is all puerto rican anyway & papi’s anyway.
      South philly is half yall size, but got just as much drama.
      17 district is always leading the city in shoiting & robberies and murders.
      Number dont lie.

      • Humbleanger

        UHM…dotheknowledge! look @ the crime reports (murders, robberies, etc)  from city hall in the last 30 years and they have been mostly in NORTH PHILADELPHIA & the neighboring section directly next to NORTH PHILADELPHIA, which is TIOGA/NICETOWN! don’t take my word for it, take some time and go downtown and look it up! Again, DOTHEKNOWLEDGE!

      • EL_BARK

        Your obviously from
        North philly, so i not going to go back in forth.

        And you saying nicetown has an majority of murders and robberies futhermore proves your being bias.

        Nicetown is one of the smallest section/ area in philly.

        So in thirty years north philly got a majority of the bodies,
        Murders, and robberies.?????

        Okay my G, you got it. I font have to look up
        Statics or crimes reports. I very familiar with them. And if i did,
        I would just prove you wrong.

        But if you going to say 30 years. Okay
        That will be 1980??? Right.

        What about the 60’s & 70’s?????

        So you going to tell me at a time in the 90’s
        When the city was averaging 400 plus bodies.

        That north philly had a majority of them.
        So south philly, south west philly, you know the section west of south philly,
        Over the grey ferrys bridge, didnt contribute????

        West phiilly, the bottom, the top, didnt contribute.????

        Looking at you with a dead serious face, thinking do i even feel like proving you wrong….
        By wasting my time and proving it….

        To be honest its not that important, and i was born in
        North philly, / uptown. And spent just as much time in SP.

        So i dont have no bias to any hood, or really care.

        Its just was funny to me, how you just made north philly,
        The most grimiest, and compare south philly to uptown.

        It north philly or south philly, or any hood in
        Philly are equally dangerous or violent…. Lol

        U can have the title…..

        But this Something u cant debate……..

        South philly runs the jails……..
        Always have, always did and always will….

        Ask tommy why he couldnt do the ten years lol

        When they on you, they swarm you. Lol

  19. EL_BARK


    yeah….I am the North Dollars!

    Excuse me do
    I know you from some where?????

    My first post was to a regular blogger on here.
    North dollas tx. ( north dallas texas)

    Not to you as north dollas.
    And what make u think i was refering to you?????
    When i type north dollas…

    Just saying. I going to assume c brown aint ya handle.

    What block u claim in north. ?????

    If was a misunderstanding, pay this comment no mind.

    • Bayram55

      That nig not going to answr you mane the hip-hop police who monitor this site already have this nig in for questioning, if what he saying is true!?, smh at a nig admitting to nigs he don’t know that the dead man beat him out of 500k.

  20. becomeateacher

    Uh…..I don’t know why people insist on ghetto-fying a beautiful neighborhood like Mt. Airy by a.) calling it “Uptown” and then b.) bringing that ganster nonesense to where people are trying to make a better life for themselves by investing in areas that have grass, trees and homeowners. Just ignorant ghetto-ass people. Yeah, I said it….don’t want nothing better for themselves than to be a rapper, drug dealer or basketball/football player. Why don’t ya’ll pick up a book and study to become a scientist or teacher so you can be a positive impact on society instead of thinking that hustling and robbing is the only way to get some money.

  21. Mos High

    When will people learn facebook, twitter worldstar or whatever wars dont work!!! I know its deeper then that based on what I ve been reading. But brothers need to learn to shut there mouth and stop showing off, End result another dead black man in the streets.  

    IM sorry I have to also say that Im tired of people saying my hood is worst than yours etc. Is that something to bragg about!!  To me its flippin sick and backwards

    I never grew up in the hood because my parents immigrated to Canada from Jamaica and worked 2 and 3 jobs for 20+yrs to make sure me and my siblings lived in decent neighbourhood. We werent well off or rich, pay cheque to pay cheque. But they hustled hard. That is what Im doing for my family now, I could have a flashy new car and pure expensive clothes but Im building for future generations. 

    So those who want to feel good about living in the worst possible places thats your choice, dont make it your children choice though.

    • becomeateacher

      agreed. people think that it’s some right of passage to grow up in a bad neighborhood or to claim a bad neighborhood because that’s keeping it real. keeping it real wrong. why not want something better for yourself and your community? it doesn’t do any of us good to want to keep ourselves down with this negative way of thinking. and then black folk get mad when white people and other cultures move their behinds out of that same neighborhood, fix it up, the property value goes up and then they can no longer afford to live in the place they were trying to keep hood. #dobetter

      • EL_BARK


        All we need now is for his mag to pop up,

        On some……. Pac shet.
        I aint dead…….. I fake my death shet…..

        By the way, thursday night , i was home listening to my will smith CD
        Eating popcorn…..


        His mag did piss me off though,

      • LouieDaSaint

        In my 48 hours voice…aint no body mention thursday night son LOL come clean, do whats right for the familys we know your a good guy deep down…El gets teary eyed LOL…officers leave room to view threw video…then they send it that sista that makes all the youngin’c cry and spill they gutts….LMAO

      • LouieDaSaint

        whats good bay yeah so far. Cats still getting they helmets peeled though SMH

      • Casor_Greener

        Yep, she going to get it out of them. Once they ask for a cigarette it’s over!!

      • EL_BARK

        Never !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I wont ever go out 48 hours style…..

        “I suggest you call my lawyer, i know the procedure. Lol”

        But i will ask 4 newport, & a cheese steak, as if i going to cooperate,
        Only cause u cant smoke in cfcf, and the food sucks…

        Once i buss a grub, its
        Lawyer time. You wont get me with none of them oakie doke cops tricks.

        U know we got a witness, who told us everything.
        Or the guilt trip of passing off pictures.

        Or the let me help you, by you telling me what happen.
        And if they pull the spritual, religious route.
        Jesus will forgive you.

        Sorry i am jewish,

      • NorthDollasTX

        the real TOMMY HILL laying low at Sheree Whitfield house in ATL … they got TOMMY BUNZ not TOMMY HILL …

  22. dapsugarwille

    First off term the ‘uptown’ was not created by people from northwest philly, I’ve heard many oldheads from other sections of the city call it that primarily because G-Town, Mt. Airy and West Oak Lane are all the same to people who don’t live up there. Some people use to call it ‘up top’ doesn’t matter its all semantics to me. Second the place where he was shot was always a hood bar for hustlers even though it was in Mt. Airy,Uptown has always had certain bars for hustlers that was one of them. I could rattle off a couple more bars uptown where I would not be surprised if that happened because hustlers gather there. The spot where this happened has had several different names yet was always a gathering spot for hustlers since back in the day when the JBM use to be up there all the time. It was like an after hours spot. Mind you most big-time hustlers live Uptown, they don’t do dirt up there but they live and socialize up there primarily because uptown has a culture of flossing among hustlers just like most uptowns do in other cities, such as NY (Harlem) and DC (Northwest). You can drive a nice ride uptown and wear jewels if you’re known without worrying about being jacked. I guess he was up there because its acceptable for cats to floss uptown with one caveat you got to know people but the downside of uptown is you can get lulled into a false sense of complacency because for the most part people uptown are cool, laid back, educated and its relatively calm up there but you also have cats up there who are grimy who thrive off of catching people slipping that’s the uptown way. Trust me I’m from there. Its quiet up there so its easy to just relax and let your guard down which is good but its a double edged sword because the more quiet it is the more grimy cats can be. Cats get stuck uptown all the time because its quiet and you can easily get away with shit. Bottom line, if you are allegedly snitching the last thing you should be at is an uptown bar in the presence of other hustlers who may be connected to people you ratted on.

  23. E_Bang415

    You know what is so crazy bout these niggaz makin these weak ass comments if he wanted to sign you none of you niggaz would have talk none of this snitch shit you would have treated dis nigga like yo brother.Some of you niggaz know snitches in real life and dont even say a word to them but you will sit here on tha internet actin like u happy this dude is dead!!!!! niggaz is so fake on here its a shame

    • Bernie Hardknock

      If you were signed to a known snitch your career wouldn’t be shit… So no, I wouldn’t sign to him… That’s retard shit…

      • EL_BARK

        U shouldnt even had responded to a dumb comment like that. Lol

        Sometimes suckers tell on theirselves, trying to look cool.

  24. Marc

    so another nigga’s dead, and? we haven’t heard fromthe Ram Squad since their wack ass album came out, Oh, what, 12 years ago?

  25. The Boss Himself

    I knew somebody was gonna bring it to dude. I used to see him on worldstar talking mad shit. and they saying he ratted. Him dying was just a matter of time. Its sad to see a brother die but honestly he brought it on himself. Im gonna miss him talking shit though,lol. RIP tommy “butta”hill….

  26. jayphilly

    He should of have stayed away from Philly.  I lost lots of homies that left the hood and came back because they missed the attention they used to have from people.  In this case homey got some attention that he did not want.  I hate to see anyone shot down like a dog. It a shame and the people that get hurt the most is his family.  His family will mourn for the mistakes that Tommy made over his lifetime. RIP, I pray God have mercy on your soul.

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